WoRMS weekly digest launched

Added on 2012-08-24 12:14:51 by Vanhoorne, Bart
In the past, several people have asked the database management team about the possibility to create an alert system for the WoRMS editors, so they can keep better track of all the changes and additions that are made to the taxonomic group they are responsible for.
Over the last months, the database management team has been working on this, and we are now ready to present and launch the ‘WoRMS weekly digest’ the team of editors.

The goal of this ‘weekly digest’ is two-fold:

  • To keep the responsible editor of each group posted on the additions and changes that are made by their fellow-editors or the database management team.

  • To encourage quality control on unchecked entries in the database.

The first message has been sent today (2012-08-24): have a look in your inbox!

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