The World Polychaeta Database launched

Added on 2011-09-19 13:21:24 by Read, Geoff
The new Global Species Database (GSD) contains over 11,000 accepted species and is a merge of the World Register of Polychaeta by Kristian Fauchald (2007) and numerous additions/edits from Geoff Read (>2009), and several other editors.
The World Polychaeta Database arose from a merger in 2007 of the massive World Register of Polychaeta compiled privately over many years by Kristian Fauchald (Smithsonian Institution) with the European Register of Marine Species (ERMS), and some other regional compilations including for Antarctic seas, which were already online. The database incorporates and has evolved from original cataloguing work of Olga Hartman at the Allan Hancock Foundation, published in 1951 (bibliography), 1959, and 1965 (catalogues & additional bibliographies).

The taxonomy in the World Polychaeta Database is edited and updated by volunteer experts, assisted by the database management team. Currently there are over 23,000 name records, of which 14,184 are valid names, the rest invalid synonyms, nomina dubia, etc. Inevitably the database includes some duplications of taxa and literature records, and there will be some polychaete names listed which are junior synonyms but not yet linked to the senior name. The editors aim to resolve all conflicting or out of date records promptly when noticed, and we hope you will tell us about any duplications or other confusions you find. Taxonomists are encouraged to send us a copy of new publications so that we can see the details of new and changed nomenclature. If you happen to disagree with any of our editing decisions, please help us by making a reasoned case for any alternative you suggest. Coverage of fossil names is likely to remain incomplete, although we would like to include all fossil genera.


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