Thalassisobates littoralis, Seil Island, Scotland. Photograph copyright Tony Barber
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Myriapods taxon details

Geophilus becki Chamberlin, 1951

394801  (

marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
Barber, A. D. (2018). World Database of littoral Myriapoda. Geophilus becki Chamberlin, 1951. Accessed at: on 2018-09-20
2009-05-10 16:44:36Z
2010-07-14 08:54:47Z

basis of record Chamberlin, R.V. (1951) Records of American millipeds and centipeds collected by Dr.D.Elden Beck in 1950. Great Basin Naturalist 11: 27-35 [details]   

additional source Haberman, K.L. (1982) Vertical distribution and habitat of the centipede Geophilus becki in the high Intertidal and splash zone of Montery Bay, California. Unpublished Hopkins Marine Station Student Paper, June 1982 [details]   

additional source Barber, A. D. (2009). Littoral myriapods. a review. Soil Organisms. 81(3): 735-760. [details]  Available for editors  PDF available 
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Habitat Cabrillo Beach near San Pedro: under rocks and kelp at water's edge (Chamberlin, 1951). Pacific Grove, Montery Bay (Haberman, unpub.) [details]

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