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Adelosina d'Orbigny, 1826

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Pollontes Montfort, 1808 (Opinion of Loeblich & Tappan, 1987)
Praequinqueloculina Lac, 1982 † (subjective junior synonym in opinion of Loeblich & Tappan, 1987)
Uniloculina d'Orbigny, 1839 (Opinion of Loeblich & Tappan, 1987)
Species Adelosina bhallai Sarkar & Gupta, 2008 †
Species Adelosina bicornis (Walker & Jacob, 1798)
Species Adelosina brongnartii (d'Orbigny, 1826)
Species Adelosina cliarensis (Heron-Allen & Earland, 1930)
Species Adelosina colomi (Le Calvez & Le Calvez, 1958)
Species Adelosina cretacea Reuss, 1851 †
Species Adelosina depressa (d'Orbigny, 1852)
Species Adelosina dubia (d'Orbigny in Fornasini, 1905)
Species Adelosina dutemplei (d'Orbigny, 1846)
Species Adelosina elegans (Williamson, 1858)
Species Adelosina ferussacii (d'Orbigny, sp. Brady, 1884)
Species Adelosina inconstans (Terquem, 1878)
Species Adelosina intricata (Terquem, 1878)
Species Adelosina italica (Terquem, 1878)
Species Adelosina jullieni Schlumberger, 1890
Species Adelosina laysanensis Rhumbler, 1906
Species Adelosina litoralis Martinotti, 1921
Species Adelosina longirostra (d'Orbigny, 1826)
Species Adelosina lyra (d'Orbigny in Deshayes, 1832)
Species Adelosina mediterranensis (Le Calvez & Le Calvez, 1958)
Species Adelosina milletti Wiesner, 1923
Species Adelosina partschii (d'Orbigny, 1846)
Species Adelosina pascuaensis Koutsoukos & Falcetta, 1987
Species Adelosina phoenicia Martinotti, 1921
Species Adelosina polygonia Schlumberger, 1890
Species Adelosina procera Silvestri, 1942 †
Species Adelosina pulchella (d'Orbigny, 1826)
Species Adelosina reticulata (d'Orbigny, 1826)
Species Adelosina rotundata Terquem, 1875 †
Species Adelosina semistriata d'Orbigny, 1826
Species Adelosina soldanii d'Orbigny, 1826
Species Adelosina striata d'Orbigny, 1826
Species Adelosina undulata Yassini & Jones, 1995
Species Adelosina vesicularis (Montfort, 1808)
Species Adelosina zangherii Silvestri, 1942 †

Species Adelosina brongniartiana (d'Orbigny, 1839) accepted as Adelosina brongnartii (d'Orbigny, 1826) (Incorrect subsequent spelling in d'Orbigny (1839) )
Species Adelosina carinatastriata Wiesner, 1923 accepted as Quinqueloculina carinatastriata (Wiesner, 1923)
Species Adelosina duthiersi Schlumberger, 1886 accepted as Quinqueloculina duthiersi (Sclumberger, 1886)
Species Adelosina granulocostata (Germeraad, 1946) accepted as Pseudotriloculina granulocostata (Germeraad, 1946) accepted as Cycloforina granulocostata (Germeraad, 1946)
Species Adelosina laevigata d'Orbigny, 1826 accepted as Adelosina longirostra (d'Orbigny, 1826) (juvenile form of Qu. mariae A- generation and Qu. longirostra B-generation opinion of Luczkowska (1972))
Species Adelosina linneiana (d'Orbigny, 1839) accepted as Pseudotriloculina linneiana (d'Orbigny, 1839)
Species Adelosina partschi (d'Orbigny, 1846) accepted as Adelosina partschii (d'Orbigny, 1846) (Incorrect subsequent spelling in Cimerman and Langer (1991))
Species Adelosina pulchella d'Orbigny, 1846 accepted as Adelosina schreibersii (d'Orbigny, 1846) † accepted as Adelosina pulchella (d'Orbigny, 1826) (Synonym juvenile form of Adelosina schreibersi opinion Papp & Schmid (1985))
Species Adelosina schreibersii (d'Orbigny, 1846) † accepted as Adelosina pulchella (d'Orbigny, 1826) (Subjective synonym in opinion of Papp & Schmid (1985))
Species Adelosina williamsoni Wiesner, 1923 (Invalid, based on a hypothetical form)
Not documented
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