Copepoda taxon details

Metidae Boeck, 1873

115162  (

Genus Laubieria Soyer, 1966
Genus Metis Philippi, 1843
  » Species Metis affinis (Scott T., 1894)
  » Species Metis angulata (Linnaeus, 1767)
  » Species Metis galapagoensis Mielke, 1989
  » Species Metis holothuriae (Edwards, 1891)
  » Species Metis inflata (Krichagin, 1873)
  » Species Metis jousseaumei (Richard, 1892)
  » Species Metis natans (Williams, 1907)
  » Species Metis pallida Gurney, 1927
  » Species Metis reducta Fiers, 1992
  » Species Metis sanguinea (Labbé, 1927)
  » Species Metis sarsi (Sharpe, 1910)
  » Species Metis veneta (Grandori, 1912)
  » Species Metis ignea Philippi, 1843 represented as Metis ignea ignea Philippi, 1843
  » Species Metis coriacea (Brady & Robertson D., 1873) accepted as Metis ignea Philippi, 1843 (synonym)

Genus Abacola Edwards C., 1891 accepted as Metis Philippi, 1843 (synonym)
Genus Carazzoides Grandori, 1912 accepted as Metis Philippi, 1843
Genus Corazzoides Grandori, 1912 accepted as Carazzoides Grandori, 1912 (synonym)
Genus Ilyopsyllus Brady & Robertson D., 1873 accepted as Metis Philippi, 1843 (synonym)
Genus Parametis Labbé, 1927 accepted as Metis Philippi, 1843 (synonym)
Genus Rubeus Carazzi & Grandori, 1912 accepted as Metis Philippi, 1843 (synonym)
Genus Thoracosphaera Krichagin, 1873 accepted as Metis Philippi, 1843 (synonym)
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Japanese ボウズソコミジンコ  [details]