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Neocyclops Gurney, 1927

106434  (

Neocyclops salinarum (Gurney, 1927) (type by original designation)
Neocyclops (Neocyclops) Gurney, 1927 (Unnecessary taxon as no other subgenera (see Karanovic, 2008))
Neocyclops (Protoneocyclops) Petkovski, 1986 (synonymised by Karanovic, 2008)
Pareuryte Herbst, 1952 (listed as synonym by Dussart & Defaye, 2006)
Species Neocyclops affinis Dussart, 1974
Species Neocyclops australiensis Karanovic, 2008
Species Neocyclops dussarti Karanovic, 2008
Species Neocyclops ferrarii Rocha C.E.F., 1995
Species Neocyclops geltrudeae Pesce & Galassi, 1993
Species Neocyclops herbsti Petkovski, 1986
Species Neocyclops hoonsooi Lee & Chang, 2015
Species Neocyclops improvisus Plesa, 1973
Species Neocyclops magnus (Sewell, 1949)
Species Neocyclops mediterraneus (Kiefer, 1960)
Species Neocyclops medius Herbst, 1955
Species Neocyclops monchenkoi Karanovic, 2008
Species Neocyclops papuensis Fiers, 1986
Species Neocyclops parvus (Sewell, 1949)
Species Neocyclops petkovskii De Laurentiis, Pesce & Halse, 1997
Species Neocyclops pilbarensis Karanovic, 2008
Species Neocyclops remanei (Herbst, 1952)
  » Subspecies Neocyclops remanei mediterraneus (Kiefer, 1960) accepted as Neocyclops mediterraneus (Kiefer, 1960) (considered as valid at species level (see Karanovic, 2008))
  » Subspecies Neocyclops remanei remanei (Herbst, 1952) accepted as Neocyclops remanei (Herbst, 1952) (Considered as valid at species level after removal of all other subspecies (see Karanovic, 2008))
  » Subspecies Neocyclops remanei vicinus (Herbst, 1955) accepted as Neocyclops vicinus (Herbst, 1955) (Considered valid at species level (see Karanovic, 2008))
Species Neocyclops salinarum (Gurney, 1927)
Species Neocyclops sharkbayensis Karanovic, 2008
Species Neocyclops stocki Pesce, 1985
Species Neocyclops trajani Karanovic, 2008
Species Neocyclops tropicus Karanovic, 2008
Species Neocyclops vicinus (Herbst, 1955)
Species Neocyclops wellsi Petkovski, 1986

Subgenus Neocyclops (Neocyclops) Gurney, 1927 accepted as Neocyclops Gurney, 1927 (Unnecessary taxon as no other subgenera (see Karanovic, 2008))
Subgenus Neocyclops (Protoneocyclops) Petkovski, 1986 accepted as Neocyclops Gurney, 1927 (synonymised by Karanovic, 2008)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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