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NameHooper, J.N.A.; Van Soest, R.W.M. (Ed.) (2002). Systema Porifera: a guide to the classification of Sponges. Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers: New York, NY (USA). ISBN 0-306-47260-0. xix, 1-1101, 1103-1706 (2 volumes) pp.
Type Publication
NoteIntroduction. Pp. 1-3
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorDemospongiae (basis of record)
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorPorifera (basis of record)
Madre de Dios Island  for Tedania tenuicapitata Ridley, 1881
Abrolhos Archipelago for Stelletta anasteria Esteves & Muricy, 2005
Acapulco for Donatia multifida Carter, 1882
Acapulco for Thenea echinata Wilson, 1904
Acapulco for Tuba acapulcaensis Carter, 1882
Adelaide for Carteriospongia mystica Hyatt, 1877
Adelaide for Neofibularia mordens Hartman, 1967
Adriatic Sea for Aaptos adriatica Gray, 1867
Adriatic Sea for Amoibodictya forsteri Zahn, Müller & Müller, 1977
Adriatic Sea for Amphoriscus buccichii Ebner, 1887
Adriatic Sea for Aplysina carnosa Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Artemisina mediterranea Babiç, 1922
Adriatic Sea for Artemisina paradoxa Babic, 1922
Adriatic Sea for Ascaltis decipiens Haeckel, 1872
Adriatic Sea for Ascandra hermesi Breitfuss, 1897
Adriatic Sea for Ascandra retiformis Haeckel, 1872
Adriatic Sea for Ascetta clathrina Haeckel, 1872
Adriatic Sea for Ascetta maeandrina Haeckel, 1872
Adriatic Sea for Ascetta mirabilis Haeckel, 1872
Adriatic Sea for Ascetta spinosa Lendenfeld, 1891
Adriatic Sea for Astromimus luteus Lendenfeld, 1898
Adriatic Sea for Axinella macrostyla Babic, 1922
Adriatic Sea for Chalina digitata Schmidt, 1866
Adriatic Sea for Clathria oroides Schmidt, 1864
Adriatic Sea for Clathria pelligera Schmidt, 1864
Adriatic Sea for Cliona rovignensis Volz, 1939
Adriatic Sea for Cliona schmidtii (Ridley, 1881)
Adriatic Sea for Cliona vermifera Hancock, 1867
Adriatic Sea for Diplastrella ornata Rützler & Sarà, 1962
Adriatic Sea for Dunstervillia corcyrensis Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Dysidea fragilis var. ramosa (Schulze, 1879)
Adriatic Sea for Dysidea fragilis var. tubulosa (Schulze, 1879)
Adriatic Sea for Ebnerella gregorii Lendenfeld, 1891
Adriatic Sea for Esperella bacillaria (Schmidt, 1864)
Adriatic Sea for Esperella modesta Babic, 1921
Adriatic Sea for Esperia bauriana Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Esperia bowerbanki Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Esperia foraminosa Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Esperia lorenzii Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Esperia massa Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Esperia modesta Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Esperia nodosa Schmidt, 1864
Adriatic Sea for Esperia syrinx Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Esperia tunicata Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Esperia velutata Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Euspongia officinalis var. irregularis Schulze, 1879
Adriatic Sea for Euspongia officinalis var. lamella Schulze, 1879
Adriatic Sea for Filifera favosa Lieberkühn, 1859
Adriatic Sea for Gellius dubius Babic, 1922
Adriatic Sea for Gellius microsigma Babic, 1922
Adriatic Sea for Grantia lieberkuehni Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Grantia pulchra Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Grantia solida Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Grayella topsenti Babiç, 1922
Adriatic Sea for Halichondria anhelans (Vio in Olivi, 1792)
Adriatic Sea for Halichondria corona Lieberkühn, 1859
Adriatic Sea for Halichondria flavus Lieberkühn, 1859
Adriatic Sea for Halichondria luxurians Lieberkühn, 1859
Adriatic Sea for Halichondria reticulata Lieberkühn, 1859
Adriatic Sea for Haliclona cratera (Schmidt, 1862)
Adriatic Sea for Hircinia dendroides Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Hircinia flavescens Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Hircinia hebes Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Hircinia hirsuta Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Hircinia panicea Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Hircinia variabilis var. fistulata Szymanski, 1904
Adriatic Sea for Hircinia variabilis var. galea Lendenfeld, 1889
Adriatic Sea for Hircinia variabilis var. hirsuta Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Hircinia variabilis var. mammillaris Schmidt, 1868
Adriatic Sea for Hircinia variabilis var. typica Nardo, 1847
Adriatic Sea for Hircinia variabilis var. typica Nardo, 1847
Adriatic Sea for Hymedesmia lieberkuehni Burton, 1930
Adriatic Sea for Ircinia spongiastrum Nardo, 1833
Adriatic Sea for Leucandra lesinensis Haeckel, 1872
Adriatic Sea for Leuconia messinensis Haeckel, 1872
Adriatic Sea for Leuconia nicaeensis Haeckel, 1872
Adriatic Sea for Lithumena lobatus Renier, 1828
Adriatic Sea for Myxilla rubiginosa Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Myxilla tridens Schmidt, 1864
Adriatic Sea for Myxilla veneta Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Nardoa labyrinthus Schmidt in Haeckel, 1872
Adriatic Sea for Pachastrella lesinensis Lendenfeld, 1894
Adriatic Sea for Papillina nigricans Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Phakellia plicata Schmidt, 1880
Adriatic Sea for Polejaevia telum (Lendenfeld, 1891)
Adriatic Sea for Prosycum primordiale Haeckel, 1870
Adriatic Sea for Raspailia typica Nardo, 1833
Adriatic Sea for Reniera amorpha Schmidt, 1864
Adriatic Sea for Reniera aurantiaca Schmidt, 1864
Adriatic Sea for Reniera fibulata Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Reniera filigrana Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Reniera inflata Schmidt, 1868
Adriatic Sea for Reniera labyrinthica Schmidt, 1864
Adriatic Sea for Reniera muggiana Schmidt, 1868
Adriatic Sea for Sarcotragus muscarum Schmidt, 1864
Adriatic Sea for Sarcotragus spinosulus Schmidt, 1862
Adriatic Sea for Spongelia elastica Schulze, 1879
Adriatic Sea for Spongelia elastica var. lobosa Schulze, 1879
Adriatic Sea for Spongelia elastica var. massa Schulze, 1879
Adriatic Sea for Spongelia incrustans var. adriatica Czerniavsky, 1880

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