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Namevan der Land, J.; Kapp, H. (2001). Chaetognatha, in: Costello, M.J. et al. (Ed.) (2001). European register of marine species: a check-list of the marine species in Europe and a bibliography of guides to their identification. Collection Patrimoines Naturels, 50: pp. 335
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Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorParasagitta Tokioka, 1965 (basis of record)
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorParasagitta elegans (Verrill, 1873) (basis of record)
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorParasagitta setosa (Müller, 1847) (basis of record)
Adriatic Sea for Eukrohnia bathypelagica Alvariño, 1962
Adriatic Sea for Mesosagitta minima (Grassi, 1881)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Archeterokrohnia rubra Casanova, 1986
European waters (ERMS scope) for Caecosagitta macrocephala (Fowler, 1904)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Eukrohnia bathypelagica Alvariño, 1962
European waters (ERMS scope) for Eukrohnia fowleri Ritter-Záhony, 1909
European waters (ERMS scope) for Eukrohnia hamata (Möbius, 1875)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Ferosagitta hispida (Conant, 1895)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Ferosagitta paulula Kassatkina, 1971
European waters (ERMS scope) for Flaccisagitta enflata (Grassi, 1881)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Flaccisagitta hexaptera (d'Orbigny, 1836)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Heterokrohnia curvichaeta Casanova, 1986
European waters (ERMS scope) for Heterokrohnia davidi Casanova, 1986
European waters (ERMS scope) for Heterokrohnia discoveryi Casanova, 1994
European waters (ERMS scope) for Heterokrohnia furnestinae Casanova & Chidgey, 1987
European waters (ERMS scope) for Heterokrohnia heterodonta Casanova, 1986
European waters (ERMS scope) for Heterokrohnia mirabilis Ritter-Záhony, 1911
European waters (ERMS scope) for Heterokrohnia murina Casanova, 1986
European waters (ERMS scope) for Heterokrohnia palpifera (Casanova, 1986)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Krohnitta pacifica (Aida, 1897)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Krohnitta subtilis (Grassi, 1881)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Krohnittella boureei German & Joubin, 1912
European waters (ERMS scope) for Mesosagitta decipiens (Fowler, 1905)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Mesosagitta minima (Grassi, 1881)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Mesosagitta neodecipiens (Tokioka, 1959)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Mesosagitta sibogae (Fowler, 1906)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Parasagitta elegans (Verrill, 1873)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Parasagitta friderici (Ritter-Záhony, 1911)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Parasagitta megalophthalma (Dallot & Ducret, 1969)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Parasagitta setosa (Müller, 1847)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Pseudosagitta lyra (Krohn, 1853)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Pseudosagitta maxima (Conant, 1896)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Pterosagitta draco (Krohn, 1853)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Sagitta abyssicola Chidgey, 1989
European waters (ERMS scope) for Sagitta bipunctata Quoy & Gaimard, 1828
European waters (ERMS scope) for Serratosagitta serratodentata (Krohn, 1853)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Serratosagitta tasmanica (Thompson, 1947)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Solidosagitta planctonis (Steinhaus, 1896)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Solidosagitta zetesios (Fowler, 1905)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Spadella birostrata Casanova, 1987
European waters (ERMS scope) for Spadella cephaloptera (Busch, 1851)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Spadella equidentata Casanova, 1987
European waters (ERMS scope) for Spadella ledoyeri Casanova, 1986
European waters (ERMS scope) for Xenokrohnia sorbei Casanova, 1993
Mediterranean Sea for Caecosagitta macrocephala (Fowler, 1904)
Mediterranean Sea for Eukrohnia bathypelagica Alvariño, 1962
Mediterranean Sea for Eukrohnia fowleri Ritter-Záhony, 1909
Mediterranean Sea for Eukrohnia hamata (Möbius, 1875)
Mediterranean Sea for Flaccisagitta enflata (Grassi, 1881)
Mediterranean Sea for Flaccisagitta hexaptera (d'Orbigny, 1836)
Mediterranean Sea for Heterokrohnia mirabilis Ritter-Záhony, 1911
Mediterranean Sea for Heterokrohnia palpifera (Casanova, 1986)
Mediterranean Sea for Mesosagitta decipiens (Fowler, 1905)
Mediterranean Sea for Mesosagitta minima (Grassi, 1881)
Mediterranean Sea for Mesosagitta sibogae (Fowler, 1906)
Mediterranean Sea for Pseudosagitta lyra (Krohn, 1853)
Mediterranean Sea for Pseudosagitta maxima (Conant, 1896)
Mediterranean Sea for Pterosagitta draco (Krohn, 1853)
Mediterranean Sea for Sagitta bipunctata Quoy & Gaimard, 1828
Mediterranean Sea for Serratosagitta serratodentata (Krohn, 1853)
Mediterranean Sea for Serratosagitta tasmanica (Thompson, 1947)
Mediterranean Sea for Solidosagitta planctonis (Steinhaus, 1896)
Mediterranean Sea for Spadella cephaloptera (Busch, 1851)
North West Atlantic for Caecosagitta macrocephala (Fowler, 1904)
North West Atlantic for Eukrohnia fowleri Ritter-Záhony, 1909
North West Atlantic for Eukrohnia hamata (Möbius, 1875)
North West Atlantic for Flaccisagitta enflata (Grassi, 1881)
North West Atlantic for Flaccisagitta hexaptera (d'Orbigny, 1836)
North West Atlantic for Heterokrohnia mirabilis Ritter-Záhony, 1911
North West Atlantic for Mesosagitta decipiens (Fowler, 1905)
North West Atlantic for Mesosagitta sibogae (Fowler, 1906)
North West Atlantic for Pseudosagitta lyra (Krohn, 1853)
North West Atlantic for Pseudosagitta maxima (Conant, 1896)
North West Atlantic for Pterosagitta draco (Krohn, 1853)
North West Atlantic for Sagitta bipunctata Quoy & Gaimard, 1828
North West Atlantic for Serratosagitta serratodentata (Krohn, 1853)
North West Atlantic for Serratosagitta tasmanica (Thompson, 1947)
North West Atlantic for Solidosagitta planctonis (Steinhaus, 1896)
North West Atlantic for Spadella cephaloptera (Busch, 1851)
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