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Coronocestus coronatus (Robinson, 1959) Caira, Marques, Jensen, Kuchta & Ivanov, 2013

836115  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:836115)

Not documented
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additional source Caira, J. N.; Ivanov, V. A., Jensen, K., Marques, F. P. L. (2017). Diphyllidea van Beneden in Carus, 1863. In: Planetary Biodiversity Inventory (2008-2017): Tapeworms from Vertebrate Bowels of the Earth. J. N. Caira & K. Jensen (eds). University of Kansas, Natural History Museum, Special Publication No. 25, KS, USA, pp. 149-166. [details]   

new combination reference Caira, J. N.; Marques, F. P.; Jensen, K.; Kuchta, R.; Ivanov, V. (2013). Phylogenetic analysis and reconfiguration of genera in the cestode order Diphyllidea. International Journal for Parasitology. 43(8): 621-639., available online at https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijpara.2013.03.001 [details]  Available for editors  PDF available [request] 

basis of record  (ofEchinobothrium coronatum Robinson, 1959) Johns, P.; Newman, L.J.; Holleman, J.J.; Dawson, E.W.; Sterrer, W.; Allison, F.R.; Diggles, B.K.; Andrews, J.R.H.; Hine, P.M.; McKenna, P.B.; Poulin, R. (2009). Phylum Platyhelminthes: flatworms, tapeworms, flukes, in: Gordon, D.P. (Ed.) (2009). New Zealand inventory of biodiversity: 1. Kingdom Animalia: Radiata, Lophotrochozoa, Deuterostomia. pp. 102-128. [details]   
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