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Phasmoconus Mörch, 1852

428966  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:428966)

Conus radiatus Gmelin, 1791 (type by subsequent designation)

Subgenus Phasmoconus (Fulgiconus) da Motta, 1991 accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) Mörch, 1852
Subgenus Phasmoconus (Graphiconus) da Motta, 1991 accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) Mörch, 1852
Subgenus Phasmoconus (Phasmoconus) Mörch, 1852 accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) Mörch, 1852
Species Phasmoconus alabaster (Reeve, 1849) accepted as Conus alabaster Reeve, 1849
Species Phasmoconus alexandrei Limpalaër & Monnier, 2012 accepted as Conus alexandrei (Limpalaër & Monnier, 2012)
Species Phasmoconus andamanensis (E. A. Smith, 1878) accepted as Conus andamanensis E. A. Smith, 1879
Species Phasmoconus angioiorum (Röckel & Moolenbeek, 1992) accepted as Conus angioiorum Röckel & Moolenbeek, 1992
Species Phasmoconus asiaticus (da Motta, 1985) accepted as Conus asiaticus da Motta, 1985
Species Phasmoconus balabacensis (Filmer, 2012) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) balabacensis Filmer, 2012
Species Phasmoconus cebuensis (Wils, 1990) accepted as Conus cebuensis Wils, 1990
Species Phasmoconus ciderryi (da Motta, 1985) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) ciderryi da Motta, 1985
Species Phasmoconus cinereus (Hwass in Bruguière, 1792) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) cinereus Hwass in Bruguière, 1792
Species Phasmoconus collisus (Reeve, 1849) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) collisus Reeve, 1849
Species Phasmoconus dampierensis (Coomans & Filmer, 1985) accepted as Conus dampierensis Coomans & Filmer, 1985
Species Phasmoconus erythraeensis (Reeve, 1843) accepted as Conus erythraeensis Reeve, 1843
Species Phasmoconus gilvus (Reeve, 1849) accepted as Conus gilvus Reeve, 1849
Species Phasmoconus giorossii (Bozzetti, 2005) accepted as Conus giorossii Bozzetti, 2005
Species Phasmoconus goudeyi Monnier & Limpalaër, 2012 accepted as Conus goudeyi (Monnier & Limpalaër, 2012)
Species Phasmoconus grangeri (G. B. Sowerby III, 1900) accepted as Conus grangeri G. B. Sowerby III, 1900
Species Phasmoconus habui (Lan, 2002) accepted as Conus habui Lan, 2002
Species Phasmoconus jickelii (Weinkauff, 1873) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) jickelii Weinkauff, 1873
Species Phasmoconus kanakinus (Richard, 1983) accepted as Conus kanakinus Richard, 1983
Species Phasmoconus kiicumulus (Azuma, 1982) accepted as Conus kiicumulus (Azuma, 1982)
Species Phasmoconus laterculatus (G. B. Sowerby II, 1870) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) laterculatus G. B. Sowerby II, 1870
Species Phasmoconus leobrerai (da Motta & Martin, 1982) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) leobrerai da Motta & Martin, 1982
Species Phasmoconus lizardensis (Crosse, 1865) accepted as Conus lizardensis Crosse, 1865
Species Phasmoconus marielae (Rehder & Wilson, 1975) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) marielae Rehder & Wilson, 1975
Species Phasmoconus martinianus (Reeve, 1844) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) martinianus Reeve, 1844
Species Phasmoconus merleti (Mayissian, 1974) accepted as Conus moluccensis Küster, 1838
Species Phasmoconus moluccensis (Küster, 1838) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) moluccensis Küster, 1838
Species Phasmoconus mucronatus (Reeve, 1843) accepted as Conus mucronatus Reeve, 1843
Species Phasmoconus niederhoeferi Monnier, Limpalaër & Lorenz, 2012 accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) niederhoeferi (Monnier, Limpalaër & Lorenz, 2012)
Species Phasmoconus parius (Reeve, 1844) accepted as Conus parius Reeve, 1844
Species Phasmoconus proximus (G. B. Sowerby II, 1860) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) proximus G. B. Sowerby II, 1860
Species Phasmoconus radiatus (Gmelin, 1791) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) radiatus Gmelin, 1791
Species Phasmoconus rolani (Röckel, 1986) accepted as Conus rolani Röckel, 1986
Species Phasmoconus salzmanni (G. Raybaudi Massilia & Rolán, 1997) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) salzmanni G. Raybaudi Massilia & Rolán, 1997
Species Phasmoconus santinii Monnier & Limpalaër, 2014 accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) santinii (Monnier & Limpalaër, 2014) (original combination)
Species Phasmoconus sartii (Korn, Niederhöfer & Blöcher, 2002) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) sartii Korn, Niederhöfer & Blöcher, 2002
Species Phasmoconus scalptus (Reeve, 1843) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) scalptus Reeve, 1843
Species Phasmoconus sculpturatus (Röckel & da Motta, 1986) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) sculpturatus Röckel & da Motta, 1986
Species Phasmoconus sertacinctus (Röckel, 1986) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) sertacinctus Röckel, 1986
Species Phasmoconus sogodensis Poppe, Monnier & Tagaro, 2012 accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) sogodensis (Poppe, Monnier & Tagaro, 2012)
Species Phasmoconus solomonensis (Delsaerdt, 1992) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) solomonensis Delsaerdt, 1992
Species Phasmoconus stramineus (Lamarck, 1810) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) stramineus Lamarck, 1810
Species Phasmoconus subulatus (Kiener, 1847) accepted as Conus subulatus Kiener, 1847
Species Phasmoconus sutanorcum (Moolenbeek, Röckel & Bouchet, 2008) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) sutanorcum Moolenbeek, Röckel & Bouchet, 2008
Species Phasmoconus vappereaui (Monteiro, 2009) accepted as Conus vappereaui Monteiro, 2009
Species Phasmoconus yemenensis (Bondarev, 1997) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) yemenensis Bondarev, 1997
Species Phasmoconus zandbergeni (Filmer & Moolenbeek, 2010) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) zandbergeni Filmer & Moolenbeek, 2010
Species Phasmoconus zapatosensis (Röckel, 1987) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) zapatosensis Röckel, 1987
Species Phasmoconus zebra (Lamarck, 1810) accepted as Conus (Phasmoconus) zebra Lamarck, 1810
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Conus radiatus
 Conus radiatus
[image from typetaxon]

Conus radiatus
 Conus radiatus
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