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Candidula Kobelt, 1871

426353  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:426353)

Species Candidula cavannae (Paulucci, 1881)
Species Candidula rugosiuscula (Michaud, 1831)
Species Candidula unifasciata (Poiret, 1801)

Species Candidula arganica (Servain, 1880) accepted as Zarateana arganica (Servain, 1880) (invalid combination)
Species Candidula arrabidensis G. A. Holyoak & D.T. Holyoak, 2014 accepted as Xeroplexa arrabidensis (Holyoak & Holyoak, 2014) (original combination)
Species Candidula belemensis (Servain, 1880) accepted as Xeroplexa belemensis (Servain, 1880)
Species Candidula camporroblensis (Fez, 1944) accepted as Backeljaia camporroblensis (Fez, 1944) (invalid combination)
Species Candidula carrapateirensis G. A. Holyoak & D.T. Holyoak, 2014 accepted as Xeroplexa carrapateirensis (Holyoak & Holyoak, 2014) (original combination)
Species Candidula corbellai Martínez-Ortí, 2011 accepted as Backeljaia corbellai (Martínez-Ortí, 2011) (original combination)
Species Candidula coudensis G. A. Holyoak & D.T. Holyoak, 2010 accepted as Xeroplexa coudensis (Holyoak & Holyoak, 2010) (original combination)
Species Candidula fiorii (Alzona & Alzona Bisacchi, 1938) accepted as Xerogyra fiorii (Alzona and Alzona Bisachii, 1938) (invalid combination)
Species Candidula gigaxii (L. Pfeiffer, 1847) accepted as Backeljaia gigaxii (L. Pfeiffer, 1847) (invalid combination)
Species Candidula grovesiana (Paulucci, 1881) accepted as Xerogyra grovesiana (Paulucii, 1881) (invalid combination)
Species Candidula intersecta (Poiret, 1801) accepted as Xeroplexa intersecta (Poiret, 1801) (invalid combination)
Species Candidula najerensis (Ortiz de Zárate López, 1950) accepted as Backeljaia najerensis (Ortiz de Zárate y López, 1950) (invalid combination)
Species Candidula olisippensis (Servain, 1880) accepted as Xeroplexa olisippensis (Servain, 1880) (invalid combination)
Species Candidula ponsulensis D. T. Holyoak & G.A. Holyoak, 2014 accepted as Xeroplexa ponsulensis (Holyoak & Holyoak, 2014) (original combination)
Species Candidula rocandioi (Ortiz de Zárate López, 1950) accepted as Zarateana rocandioi (Ortiz de Zárate y López, 1950) (invalid combination)
Species Candidula scabiosula (Locard, 1899) accepted as Xeroplexa scabiosula (Locard, 1899) (invalid combination)
Species Candidula setubalensis (L. Pfeiffer, 1850) accepted as Xeroplexa setubalensis (L. Pfeiffer, 1850) (invalid combination)
Species Candidula spadae (Calcara, 1845) accepted as Xerogyra spadae (Calcara, 1845) (invalid combination)
Species Candidula strucki (Maltzan, 1886) accepted as Xeroplexa strucki (Maltzan, 1886) (invalid combination)
Species Candidula ultima (Mousson, 1872) accepted as Orexana ultima (Mousson, 1872) (invalid combination)

Species Candidula castriota Soós, 1924 (uncertain)
Species Candidula codia (Bourguignat, 1859) (uncertain)
Species Candidula lernaea Hausdorf, 1991 (uncertain)
Species Candidula rhabdotoides (A. J. Wagner, 1928) (uncertain)
Species Candidula syrensis (L. Pfeiffer, 1846) species-complex! (uncertain)
Species Candidula verticillata (L. Pfeiffer, 1870) (uncertain)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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