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Nystiellidae Clench & R. D. Turner, 1952

411726  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:411726)

Genus Eccliseogyra Dall, 1892
Genus Iphitus Jeffreys, 1883
Genus Murdochella Finlay, 1926
Genus Narrimania Taviani, 1984
Genus Opaliopsis Thiele, 1928
Genus Papuliscala de Boury, 1911

Genus Abyssiscala de Boury, 1911 accepted as Eccliseogyra Dall, 1892 (synonym)
Genus Iphitella Thiele, 1925 accepted as Iphitus Jeffreys, 1883 (Unnecessary replacement name for Iphitus Jeffreys, by Thiele erroneously believed to be preoccupied by Iphitus Rafinesque, 1815; the latter, however, is a nomen nudum.)
Genus Nystiella Clench & R. D. Turner, 1952 accepted as Opaliopsis Thiele, 1928 (synonym)
Genus Pustuliscala de Boury, 1921 accepted as Papuliscala de Boury, 1911 (An incorrect subsequent spelling and/or a junior objective synonym of Papuliscala)
Genus Sculptifer Beu & Climo, 1974 accepted as Iphitus Jeffreys, 1883 (synonym)
Genus Solutiscala de Boury, 1909 accepted as Eccliseogyra Dall, 1892 (synonym)
Genus Stylotrochus Seguenza, 1876 accepted as Iphitus Jeffreys, 1883 (Invalid: junior homonym of Stylotrochus Haeckel, 1862)
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basis of record Bouchet P. & Rocroi J.-P. (2005). Classification and nomenclator of gastropod families. Malacologia. 47(1-2): 1-397 ISBN 3-925919-72-4. [details]   

basis of record Brown L.G. & Neville B.D. (2015). Catalog of the recent taxa of the families Epitoniidae and Nystiellidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) with a bibliography of the descriptive and systematic literature. Zootaxa. 3907(1): 1-188., available online at https://doi.org/10.11646/zootaxa.3907.1.1 [details]   

status source Nützel, A. (1998). Uber die Stammesgeschichte der Ptenoglossa (Gastropoda).Berliner Geowissenschaftliche Abhandlungen, ser. Berliner Geowissenschaftliche Abhandlungen, ser E (Palaeobiologie). 26: 1-229. [details]   
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Classification Previously considered as a subfamily of Epitoniidae; raised to family status by Nützel (1998) [details]