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Bruguiera parviflora Wight & Arnold ex Griffith

National Botanic Garden of Belgium, Meise (BR) - Specimen image
National Botanic Ga...

235084  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:235084)

Not documented
Dahdouh-Guebas F. (Ed.) (2018). World Mangroves database. Bruguiera parviflora Wight & Arnold ex Griffith. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=235084 on 2018-07-16
2006-12-05 16:48:04Z

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context source (RAS) Australian Antarctic Data Centre. , available online at https://data.aad.gov.au/aadc/biodiversity/ [details]   
 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 

Nontype BRI 121056, locality Alexishaffen (New Guinea; ALEXISHAFFEN) [details]
Nontype CANB 74060, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 671074, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 895041, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 937191, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 671078, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 914628, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 671065, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670967, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670764, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670769, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670766, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 933256, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670946, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670971, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 975295, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670956, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670950, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670961, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 671014, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670974, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670983, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670990, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 671004, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670939, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670998, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670942, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 673105, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 671072, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 868851, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype BRI 121075, locality Bougainville (New Guinea; KIETA; Bougainville) [details]
Nontype BRI 121044, locality Cairns (Queensland; CAIRNS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 121063, locality Cape Rodney (New Guinea; CAPE RODNEY; Central) [details]
Nontype BRI 121074, locality Catubig River (Malesia; CATUBIG RIVER SAMAR; Philippines) [details]
Nontype BRI 121062, locality Daru Island (New Guinea; DARU IS) [details]
Nontype BRI 121058, locality Daru Island (New Guinea; DARU ISLAND) [details]
Nontype BRI 121051, locality Delena (New Guinea; DELENA VILLAGE .5M S; Central) [details]
Nontype BRI 121055, locality Domara river (New Guinea; DOMARA RIVER) [details]
Nontype BRI 475517, locality East New Britain (New Guinea; TALELE IS; East New Britain) [details]
Nontype BRI 475876, locality Haidana Island (New Guinea; HAIDANA IS; Central) [details]
Nontype BRI 371166, locality Kupiano (New Guinea; KAVUONE VILLAGE-KUPIANO STN TRACK; Central) [details]
Nontype BRI 372826, locality Los Negros (New Guinea; LOS NEGROS IS; Manus) [details]
Nontype BRI 121065, locality Madang (New Guinea; ALEXISHAFFEN; Madang) [details]
Nontype BRI 121069, locality Malaysian Exclusive Economic Zone (Malesia; F.D. ELOPURA SANDAKAN. SEPILOK F.R.; Malaysian Is.) [details]
Nontype BRI 121068, locality Malaysian Exclusive Economic Zone (Malesia; F.D. ELOPURA SANDAKAN. SEPILOK.; Malaysian Is.) [details]
Nontype BRI 121070, locality Malaysian Exclusive Economic Zone (Malesia; SEPILOK FOREST RESERVE. ELOPURA SANDAKAN; Malaysian Is.) [details]
Nontype BRI 371155, locality Milne Bay (New Guinea; ALONG RIVER TOWARDS GIBARA VILLAGE; Milne Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 121053, locality Milne Bay (New Guinea; KIRIWINA IS GUSWETA; Milne Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 372851, locality Milne Bay (New Guinea; NORMANBY IS MEWADI IS OFF MIADEBA; Milne Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 382039, locality Morobe (New Guinea; APO VILLAGE CA 1KM ALONG E COAST; Morobe) [details]
Nontype BRI 372777, locality Morobe (New Guinea; ARUKI VILLAGE 1 MILE FROM; Morobe) [details]
Nontype BRI 121052, locality Morobe (New Guinea; LABU LAGOON; Morobe) [details]
Nontype BRI 372830, locality Morobe (New Guinea; LABU LAKES NEAR LAE; Morobe) [details]
Nontype BRI 121057, locality Morobe (New Guinea; LABU NEAR LAE; Morobe) [details]
Nontype BRI 121059, locality Morobe (New Guinea; LABU NEAR LAE; Morobe) [details]
Nontype BRI 121066, locality Morobe (New Guinea; NEAR LABU; Morobe) [details]
Nontype BRI 121061, locality Morobe (New Guinea; PORT ROMILLY; Morobe) [details]
Nontype BRI 121048, locality Northern Territory (Northern Territory; ADELAIDE RIVER AT JUNCTION WITH SMALL CK) [details]
Nontype BRI 581449, locality Northern Territory (Northern Territory; CREEK AT S END OF CAPE VAN DIEMEN) [details]
Nontype BRI 475635, locality Northern Territory (Northern Territory; DARWIN BUFFALO CK) [details]
Nontype BRI 197764, locality Northern Territory (Northern Territory; ELCHO IS GANBURRA CK) [details]
Nontype BRI 475629, locality Northern Territory (Northern Territory; MECKITT CK) [details]
Nontype BRI 121049, locality Northern Territory (Northern Territory; MELVILLE IS MARDLOW) [details]
Nontype BRI 121050, locality Northern Territory (Northern Territory; RAPID CK) [details]
Nontype BRI 264172, locality Northern Territory (Northern Territory; SOUTH ALLIGATOR RIVER) [details]
Nontype CANB 955565, locality Papua New Guinea (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) [details]
Nontype CANB 874903, locality Papua New Guinea (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) [details]
Nontype CANB 955924, locality Papua New Guinea (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) [details]
Nontype BRI 121072, locality Polillo island (Malesia; ISLAND OF POLILLO; Philippines) [details]
Nontype BRI 372792, locality Port Moresby (New Guinea; GALLEY BEACH 50KM NW OF PORT MORESBY) [details]
Nontype BRI 518522, locality Queensland (Queensland; 6.9KM W OF CONWAY BEACH REPULSE BAY NR CONWAY NP; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 440652, locality Queensland (Queensland; ADMIRALTY IS TRINITY INLET C 10KM S OF CAIRNS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 121047, locality Queensland (Queensland; ANNAN RIVER CROSSING 5M SSW OF COOKTOWN; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 2768, locality Queensland (Queensland; BAILEY'S CK AREA NR JUNCTION OF HUTCHINSON & BAILEYS CKS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 333699, locality Queensland (Queensland; BAMAGA AIRSTRIP; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 121037, locality Queensland (Queensland; BLOOMFIELD RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 390588, locality Queensland (Queensland; BOIGU IS N SIDE OF IS NR CEMETERY; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 595332, locality Queensland (Queensland; BOIGU IS VICINITY OF VILLAGE; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 384436, locality Queensland (Queensland; CAIRNS INLET; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 634782, locality Queensland (Queensland; CAPE HILLSBOROUGH HP S OF ACCESS RD TO BEACH; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 632093, locality Queensland (Queensland; CAPE HILLSBOROUGH NP; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 121039, locality Queensland (Queensland; CAPE YORK (SOMERSET) AND TUCKERNOO; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 845256, locality Queensland (Queensland; CAPE YORK. WHYANBEEL CREEK, NEAR THE INLET BETWEEN DAYMAN POINT AND NEWELL BEACH.; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 121035, locality Queensland (Queensland; CONWAY PIONEER BAY; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475615, locality Queensland (Queensland; COOPERS CK; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 250325, locality Queensland (Queensland; DAINTREE RIVER FERRY CROSSING; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 121030, locality Queensland (Queensland; DUNGENESS NE OF INGHAM; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475610, locality Queensland (Queensland; ENDEAVOUR RIVER SITE 7; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 475621, locality Queensland (Queensland; FISH CK NEAMES INLET (MAINLAND OFF HINCHINBROOK IS; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 1130, locality Queensland (Queensland; FISHBONE CK A TRIBUTARY OF JACKY JACKY CK; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 121046, locality Queensland (Queensland; FLYING FISH POINT NEAR INNISFAIL; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 440479, locality Queensland (Queensland; FLYING FOX ISLAND PROSERPINE; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475620, locality Queensland (Queensland; HINCHINBROOK IS NEAMES INLET FISH CK; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475617, locality Queensland (Queensland; HINCHINBROOK IS NEANES INLET; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 121031, locality Queensland (Queensland; HULL RIVER MOUTH NEAR TULLY; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475616, locality Queensland (Queensland; JACKY UPPER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 121043, locality Queensland (Queensland; MACHENS BEACH NEAR CAIRNS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 121042, locality Queensland (Queensland; MACHENS BEACH; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 121027, locality Queensland (Queensland; MACKAY; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 322777, locality Queensland (Queensland; MACKAY; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 121041, locality Queensland (Queensland; MOSSMAN RIVER (REFSET); Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 11450, locality Queensland (Queensland; MOSSMAN RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 383658, locality Queensland (Queensland; PORT MACKAY; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 383659, locality Queensland (Queensland; PORT MACKAY; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 121029, locality Queensland (Queensland; PROSERPINE RIVER MOUTH CONWAY BAY; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 121034, locality Queensland (Queensland; PROSERPINE RIVER; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 121032, locality Queensland (Queensland; RD TO LUCINDA POINT; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475608, locality Queensland (Queensland; ROCKY RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 634155, locality Queensland (Queensland; SAIBAI IS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 476577, locality Queensland (Queensland; SANDY CK SETTLEMENT ON MOUTH OF SANDY CK S OF MACKAY SF 55-8 GRID 194341; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 121033, locality Queensland (Queensland; SHUTE HARBOUR; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 632999, locality Queensland (Queensland; SINCLAIR BAY; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 634783, locality Queensland (Queensland; SLADE POINT MOUTH OF MC CREADYS CREEK; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 121038, locality Queensland (Queensland; SOMERSET CAPE YORK; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 440650, locality Queensland (Queensland; TRINITY INLET UPPER REACHES; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 121040, locality Queensland (Queensland; TUCKANOO CAPE YORK; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 458001, locality Queensland (Queensland; WEIPA MISSION RIVER BRIDGE N END; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 121045, locality Queensland (Queensland; YARRABAH E OF CAIRNS; Cook) [details]
Nontype MO 33980, locality Sarawak (Malaysia; Sarawak) [details]
Nontype BRI 121076, locality Star Harbour (Melanesia; STAR HARBOUR, SAN CRISTOBAL.; Solomon Is.) [details]
Nontype BRI 121060, locality Uramu Island (New Guinea; URAMU IS KINOMERI) [details]
Nontype BRI 372843, locality Wanigela (New Guinea; NEAR WANIGELA VILLAGE; Northern) [details]
Nontype BRI 372809, locality Wapo River (New Guinea; WAPO RIVER E BRANCH INLAND FROM ERA BAY; Gulf) [details]
Nontype BRI 475611, locality Western Australia (state) (Western Australia; KING SOUND) [details]
Nontype BRI 475878, locality Western province (Fly) (New Guinea; BENSBACH RIVER MOUTH (ON IRIAN JAYA SIDE); Western) [details]
Nontype BRI 121064, locality Western province (Fly) (New Guinea; BENSBACH RIVER MOUTH; Western) [details]
Nontype BRI 121073, locality Zamboanga (Malesia; DISTRICT OF ZAMBOANGA MINDANAO; Philippines) [details]

National Botanic Garden of Belgium, Meise (BR) - Specimen image
National Botanic Ga...
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National Botanic Garden of Belgium, Meise (BR) - Specimen image
National Botanic Ga...
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