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Proctotrema Odhner, 1911

108649  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:108649)

Species Proctotrema addisoni Searle, Cutmore & Cribb, 2014
Species Proctotrema amphitruncatum Fischthal & Thomas, 1969
Species Proctotrema bacilliovatum Odhner, 1911
Species Proctotrema bartolii Carballo, Laurenti & Cremonte, 2011
Species Proctotrema odhneri Ramadan, 1985 nec Srivastava, 1939

Species Proctotrema anisotremi Nahhas & Cable, 1964 accepted as Genolopa anisotremi (Nahhas & Cable, 1964) (synonym)
Species Proctotrema costaricae Manter, 1940 accepted as Lasiotocus costaricae (Manter, 1940) (synonym)
Species Proctotrema cryptastoma Oshmarin, 1965 accepted as Lasiotocus cryptostoma (Oshmarin, 1966) Mamaev, 1970 (lapsus)
Species Proctotrema cryptostoma Oshmarin, 1965 accepted as Lasiotocus cryptostoma (Oshmarin, 1966) Mamaev, 1970 (synonym)
Species Proctotrema guptai Ahmad & Dharr, 1987 accepted as Lasiotocus guptai (Ahmad & Dharr, 1987) Dove & Cribb, 1998
Species Proctotrema himezi (Yamaguti, 1951) Manter & Pritchard, 1961 accepted as Lasiotocus himezi Yamaguti, 1951 (synonym)
Species Proctotrema lintoni Manter, 1931 accepted as Lasiotocus lintoni (Manter, 1931) Nahhas & Powell, 1965 (synonym)
Species Proctotrema longicaecum Manter, 1940 accepted as Lasiotocus longicaecum (Manter, 1940) (synonym)
Species Proctotrema macrorchis Yamaguti, 1934 accepted as Lasiotocus macrorchis (Yamaguti, 1934) (synonym)
Species Proctotrema malasi Nagaty, 1948 accepted as Lasiotocus malasi (Nagaty, 1948) (synonym)
Species Proctotrema odhneri Srivastava, 1939 nec Ramadan, 1985 accepted as Lasiotocus odhneri (Srivastava, 1939) Thomas, 1959 (synonym)
Species Proctotrema parvum Manter, 1942 accepted as Lasiotocus parvus (Manter, 1942) (synonym)
Species Proctotrema plectorhynchi Yamaguti, 1934 accepted as Genolopa plectorhynchi (Yamaguti, 1934) (synonym)
Species Proctotrema pritchardae Nahhas & Cable, 1964 accepted as Genolopa pritchardae (Nahhas & Cable, 1964) Fischthal, 1977 (synonym)
Species Proctotrema truncatum (Linton, 1910) accepted as Lasiotocus truncatus (Linton, 1910) Thomas, 1959 (synonym)
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