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Code/Type no.BELUM Mc4715
Specimen count10
NoteNo holotype was indicated; the specimen listed here is the first mentioned.
PreservationWet specimen: Ethanol
IdentificationSyntypeAmphilectus fleecei Goodwin, Jones, Neely & Brickle, 2011 [details]
CollectorC. Goodwin & J. Jones
LocalityMalvinas/Falklands (Falkland Islands, Gypsy Cove)
Start latitude-51.6741 (51° 40' 26.8" S)
Start longitude-57.8074 (57° 48' 26.6" W)
Depthshallow10 m
Depthdeep10 m
Date   action   by
2011-02-11 09:14:59Z  created  van Soest, Rob

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