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Sarà, M. (1992). New-Guinean Tethya (Porifera Demospongiae) from Laing Island with description of three new species. Cahiers de Biologie Marine. 33: 447-467.
Sarà, M.
New-Guinean <i>Tethya</i> (Porifera Demospongiae) from Laing Island with description of three new species
Cahiers de Biologie Marine
33: 447-467
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Seven species of Porifera belonging to the genus Tethya (Demospongiae Hadromerida) have been collected on the coral reef of Laing Island (Bismarck Sea, Papua New Guinea). Three new species, T. boeroi, T. densa and T. pulchra, are described and for the other species, T. microstella Sarà, T. robusta Bow., T. seychellensis Wright and T. viridis Baer, a redescription with additional data is given. One sm ail specimen, probably not fully developed, is described as TeThya sp. Field notes on the ecology and biology of these species are also reported.
Indian Ocean
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Tethya boeroi Sarà, 1992 (original description)
Tethya densa Sarà, 1992 (original description)
Tethya microstella Sarà, 1990 (basis of record)
Tethya pulchra Sarà, 1992 (original description)
Tethya robusta (Bowerbank, 1873) (basis of record)
Tethya seychellensis (Wright, 1881) (additional source)
Tethya viridis (Baer, 1906) (basis of record)
Bismarck Sea for Tethya boeroi Sarà, 1992 
Bismarck Sea for Tethya densa Sarà, 1992 
Bismarck Sea for Tethya microstella Sarà, 1990 
Bismarck Sea for Tethya pulchra Sarà, 1992 
Bismarck Sea for Tethya robusta (Bowerbank, 1873) 
Bismarck Sea for Tethya seychellensis (Wright, 1881) 
Bismarck Sea for Tethya viridis (Baer, 1906)