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Thandar, A.S. (1990). The phyllophorid holothurians of southern Africa with the erection of a new genus. S. Afr. J. Zool. 25(4): 207 - 223.
The southern African dendrochirotid holothurians of the family Phyllophoridae (sensu Pawson & Fell, 1965) are revised and a new genus Thyonina is erected to accommodate Thyone articulata Vaney, 1908, which possesses only slender spectacle-shaped rods as body wall deposits. In addition, thyon proceracorona Cherbonnier, 1952 and T. turrisolida Cherbonnier, 1954, are declared junior subjective synonyms of T. aurea (Quoy & Gaimard, 1833); havelockia imperfecta Cherbonnier, 1970 is transferred to the genus Thyone, and T. venusta Selenka, 1868 (synonym T. okeni Bell, 1884) is recorded for the first time from southern Africa. These changes bring the total number of phyllophorid holothurians now known from southern Africa to five general and 11 species. All species are keyed, briefly described and/or discussed, and their local distributions mapped.
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Mozambique for Stolus buccalis (Stimpson, 1855) 
Mozambique for Thyone avenusta Cherbonnier, 1970 
Mozambique for Xenia macrospiculata Gohar, 1940 
Red Sea for Thyone venusta Selenka, 1868 
South Africa (country) for Stolus buccalis (Stimpson, 1855) 
South Africa (country) for Thyone aurea (Quoy & Gaimard, 1834) 
South Africa (country) for Thyone hirta Cherbonnier, 1970 
South Africa (country) for Thyone imperfecta (Cherbonnier, 1970) 
South Africa (country) for Thyone infusca Cherbonnier, 1954 
South Africa (country) for Thyone okeni Bell, 1884 
South Africa (country) for Thyone propinqua Cherbonnier, 1970 
South Africa (country) for Thyone venusta Selenka, 1868 
South Africa (country) for Thyonina articulata (Vaney, 1908) 

Habitat: Coarse khaki brown sand and shell, pebbles, stones, shelly sand, white sand and mud (Thandar, ... [details]


Type species: Thyone articulata Vaney, 1908 (Thandar, 1990). [details]