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Lachner, E.A. & J.F. McKinney (1978). A revision of the Indo-Pacific fish genus Gobiopsis with descriptions of four new species (Pisces: Gobiidae). Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology 262: 52pp.
The genus Gobiopsis Steindachner comprises ten species, four of which are described as new. Five monotypic genera are placed in synonymy of Gobiopsis, namely Pogonogobius H.M. Smith, Pipidonia H.M. Smith, Herreogobius Kaumans, Barbatogobius Kaumans, and Abranches J.L.B. Smith. Salient characters of the genus include the following: a broad, depressed head with pug-nosed snout; head with barbels in particular positions; cutaneous papillae and cephalic sensory pore and canal systems interrelated; sensory pores large, some on tubes, slit-like and hooded; a fleshy mid-cheek fold; and a dark sickle-shaped mark at the base of the pectoral fin. The genus is distributed along the tropical continental slopes of Africa, Asia, Australia and major islands of the East Indies and Philippines; it has not been found in the Red Sea, the insular Indian Ocean areas, nor Oceania.
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