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Perkins, T. H. (1985). Chrysopetalum, Bhawania and two new genera of Chrysopetalidae (Polychaeta), principally from Florida. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington. 98(4): 856-915.
Perkins, T. H.
Chrysopetalum, Bhawania and two new genera of Chrysopetalidae (Polychaeta), principally from Florida
Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington
98(4): 856-915
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb). PDF on BioStor http://biostor.org/reference/75231
The Chrysopetalidae are compared with other families in the order Phyllodocida. Treptopale. n. gen., and Hyalopale, n. gen., are proposed. Chrysopetalum hernancortezae, C. heteropalea, C. floridanum. C. eurypalea. Treptopale rudolphi, and Hyalopale bispinosa, all new species, are described from Aorida. Chrysopetalum remanei. n. sp., is described from the Red Sea. Chrysopetalum debile (Grube), C. occidentale Johnson, C. elegans Bush, Bhawania goodei Webster, and B. heteroseta (Hartman), n. comb., from various areas are additionally described. The status of Chrysopetalum elongatum (Grube) from the Virgin Islands is discussed. Important characters of the above genera plus Paleanotus Schmarda, Dysponetus Levinsen, and three unnamed generic groups are discussed. A generic key and keys to Floridan species of Chrysopetalum and Bhawania are provided.
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Chrysopetalidae Ehlers, 1864 (identification resource)
Chrysopetalum Ehlers, 1864 (status source)
Chrysopetalum eurypalea Perkins, 1985 (original description)
Chrysopetalum floridanum Perkins, 1985 (original description)
Chrysopetalum hernancortezae Perkins, 1985 (original description)
Chrysopetalum heteropalea Perkins, 1985 (original description)
Chrysopetalum remanei Perkins, 1985 (original description)
Hyalopale Perkins, 1985 (original description)
Hyalopale bispinosa Perkins, 1985 (original description)
Paleanotus debilis (Grube, 1855) accepted as Chrysopetalum debile (Grube, 1855) (status source)
Treptopale Perkins, 1985 (original description)
Treptopale rudolphi Perkins, 1985 (original description)

 Type species

Type species remains Chrysopetalum fragile Ehlers, 1864, although stated to be a junior synonym to Palmyra debilis ... [details]