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McIntosh, W.C. 1911. Notes from the Gatty Marine Laboratory, St. Andrews. No. 32. 1. On the American Syllides verrilli, Percy Moore, from Woods Hole, Mass. 2. On Nevaya whiteavesi, a form with certain relationships to Sclerocheilus, Grube, from Canada. 3. On the British Cirratulidae. 4. On the Cirratulidae dredged by the H.M.S. 'Porcupine' in 1869 and 1870. 5. On the Cirratulidae dreged in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada by Dr. Whiteaves. 6. On the Cirratulidae dredged in Norway by Canon Norman. Annals and Magazine of Natural History 7: 145-173.
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McIntosh (1911) described the unnamed species as "A peculiar form, which may temporarily be termed Cirratulispio, ... [details]

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Not a type, but McIntosh's record of "Cirratulus norvegicus ?" is from offshore of Dröbak, Christiania Fjord, ... [details]