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Hartman, Olga. (1936). Nomenclatural changes involving California polychaete worms. Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences. 26(1): 31-32.
Hartman, Olga
Nomenclatural changes involving California polychaete worms
Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences
26(1): 31-32
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyD)
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In the course of a study of the marine annelid fauna of California certain revisions in the current names of a number of species appear necessary.
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Systematics, Taxonomy
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Acholoe pulchra (Johnson, 1897) accepted as Arctonoe pulchra (Johnson, 1897) (source of synonymy)
Aphrodita californica Essenberg, 1917 accepted as Aphrodita castanea Moore, 1910 accepted as Aphrodita negligens Moore, 1905 (source of synonymy)
Arabella munda Chamberlin, 1918 accepted as Arabella semimaculata (Moore, 1911) (source of synonymy)
Arabella semimaculata (Moore, 1911) (basis of record)
Audouinia Quatrefages, 1866 accepted as Cirriformia Hartman, 1936 (source of synonymy)
Boccardia natrix (Söderström, 1920) (basis of record)
Cirratulus luxuriosus Moore, 1904 accepted as Timarete luxuriosa (Moore, 1904) (source of synonymy)
Cirratulus spirabranchus Moore, 1904 accepted as Cirriformia spirabranchia (Moore, 1904) (source of synonymy)
Cirriformia Hartman, 1936 (original description)
Cirriformia luxuriosa (Moore, 1904) accepted as Timarete luxuriosa (Moore, 1904) (new combination reference)
Cirriformia spirabranchia (Moore, 1904) (basis of record)
Cirriformia tentaculata (Montagu, 1808) (additional source)
Eulalia longicornuta Moore, 1906 accepted as Eumida longicornuta (Moore, 1906) (source of synonymy)
Eumida longicornuta (Moore, 1906) (new combination reference)
Laonice foliata (Moore, 1923) accepted as Laonice cirrata (M. Sars, 1851) (basis of record)
Laonice sacculata (Moore, 1923) accepted as Laonice cirrata (M. Sars, 1851) (basis of record)
Mastigonereis spinosa Kinberg, 1865 accepted as Nereis vexillosa Grube, 1851 (source of synonymy)
Nereis (Neanthes) monterea Chamberlin, 1918 accepted as Perinereis monterea (Chamberlin, 1918) (source of synonymy)
Nereis vexillosa Grube, 1851 (additional source)
Nerinides acuta (Treadwell, 1914) accepted as Scolelepis (Scolelepis) acuta (Treadwell, 1914) (new combination reference)
Ophelia magna (Treadwell, 1914) (basis of record)
Ophelina magna Treadwell, 1914 accepted as Ophelia magna (Treadwell, 1914) (source of synonymy)
Perinereis monterea (Chamberlin, 1918) (basis of record)
Polydora natrix Söderström, 1920 accepted as Boccardia natrix (Söderström, 1920) (source of synonymy)
Spio acuta Treadwell, 1914 accepted as Scolelepis (Scolelepis) acuta (Treadwell, 1914) (source of synonymy)
Spionides Webster & Benedict, 1887 accepted as Laonice Malmgren, 1867 (source of synonymy)
Spionides foliata Moore, 1923 accepted as Laonice cirrata (M. Sars, 1851) (source of synonymy)
Spionides sacculata Moore, 1923 accepted as Laonice cirrata (M. Sars, 1851) (new combination reference)
Stylarioides dimissus Hartman, 1935 accepted as Pherusa inflata (Treadwell, 1914) accepted as Semiodera inflata (Treadwell, 1914) (original description)
Terebella tentaculata Montagu, 1808 accepted as Cirriformia tentaculata (Montagu, 1808) (source of synonymy)

There are several Aricia homonyms around this period. The senior and valid name is Aricia Reichenbach, 1817, a ... [details]


Replacement name introduced in a brief statement by Hartman (1936) for the junior homonym, Audouinia of Quatrefages ... [details]

 Type species

Quatrefages included four species in his new genus Audouinia, A. lamarckii, A. norwegica, A. crassa, and A. ... [details]

 Type species

Hartman (catalogue 1959:406) designated (by using its recombination name of Cirriformia tentaculata; there appear to ... [details]