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Fauchald, K.; Belman, B.W. (1972). A notophycid polychaete from California. Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences. 71(2): 107-108.
Fauchald, K.; Belman, B.W.
A notophycid polychaete from California
Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences
71(2): 107-108
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb); also available at: Smithsonian Repository

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While collecting at a floating boat dock in Bodega Harbor, California, one of us (Belman) found a thick gelatinous sac attached to a colony of a hydroid (Obelia sp.). A polychaete was moving around inside the sac; this worm could not be identified as any polychaete reported from California (Hartman, Atlas of errantiate polychaetous annelids from California. Allan Hancock Foundation, Los Angeles, 1968; Atlas of the sedentariate polychaetous annelids from California, Allan Hancock Foundation, Los Angeles. 1969) and turned out to belong to the family Notophycidae, recently described from New Zealand (Knox and Cameron, Trans. Roy. Soc. New Zealand. Biol. Sei.. 12:73-85. 1970). The Californian specimen differs from the other known specimens in several respects and is described as a new species in a new genus.

The relationship between the family Notophycidae and related polychaetes was discussed in detail by Knox and Cameron (1970).

California quadrant
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Holotype AHF, locality Bodega Harbor, identified as Phyllodocella bodegae Fauchald & Belman, 1972
 Depth range

15 cm depth, on a floating boat dock.  [details]


Original diagnosis by Fauchald & Belman (1972: 107): "Notophycids with a muscular proboscis, but without jaws.[details]


Pacific Ocean: Mason's Marina, Bodega Harbor (California, USA).  [details]


"The generic name refers to the resemblance between this notophycid and members of the Phyllodocidae" (Fauchald & ... [details]


The specific epithet bodegae refers to the type locality of the species, Bodega Harbor (California, USA).  [details]


From a gelatinous sac (cocoon) attached to a colony of Obelia sp., 15 cm depth on a floating boat dock.  [details]

 Type locality

Mason's Marina, Bodega Harbor, California, USA, Pacific Ocean (gazetteer estimate 38.3317º, -123.0586º), from a ... [details]