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Day, J. H. (1961). The Polychaet [sic] Fauna of South Africa. Part 6. Sedentary species dredged off Cape coasts with a few new records from the shore. Journal of the Linnean Society of London. 44(299): 463-560.
10.1111/j.1096-3642.1961.tb01623.x [view]
Day, J. H.
The Polychaet [sic] Fauna of South Africa. Part 6. Sedentary species dredged off Cape coasts with a few new records from the shore
Journal of the Linnean Society of London
44(299): 463-560
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb). In this series for reasons unknown Day uses the spelling 'Polychaet' in the titles
Southern Africa
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Aricidea (Aricidea) capensis Day, 1961 (original description)
Aricidea (Aricidea) longobranchiata Day, 1961 accepted as Aricidea longobranchiata Day, 1961 (original description)
Aricidea assimilis Tebble, 1959 represented as Aricidea (Acmira) assimilis Tebble, 1959 (source of synonymy)
Aricidea fauveli Hartman, 1957 accepted as Aricidea (Acmira) lopezi Berkeley & Berkeley, 1956 (additional source)
Asychis capensis Day, 1961 (original description)
Axiothella quadrimaculata Augener, 1914 (additional source)
Boccardia pseudonatrix Day, 1961 (original description)
Brada villosa capensis Day, 1961 (original description)
Branchiomma capensis (McIntosh, 1885) accepted as Branchiomma capense (McIntosh, 1885) (basis of record)
Branchiomma nigromaculatum (Baird, 1865) (additional source)
Caulleriella acicula Day, 1961 (original description)
Caulleriella afra (Augener, 1918) accepted as Caulleriella capensis (Monro, 1930) (source of synonymy)
Caulleriella capensis (Monro, 1930) (source of synonymy)
Caulleriella capensis (Monro, 1930) (basis of record)
Cirratulus dorsobranchialis Kirkegaard, 1959 accepted as Kirkegaardia dorsobranchialis (Kirkegaard, 1959) (source of synonymy)
Cirratulus gilchristi Day, 1961 (original description)
Clymene (Praxillella) saldanha Day, 1955 accepted as Macroclymene saldanha (Day, 1955) (source of synonymy)
Clymene glandularis Day, 1955 accepted as Isocirrus glandularis (Day, 1955) (source of synonymy)
Clymene lyrocephala Schmarda, 1861 accepted as Isocirrus lyrocephalus (Schmarda, 1861) (source of synonymy)
Clymene microcephala Schmarda, 1861 accepted as Nicomache lumbricalis (Fabricius, 1780) (source of synonymy)
Clymene mossambica Day, 1957 accepted as Euclymene mossambica (Day, 1957) (source of synonymy)
Clymene natalensis Day, 1957 accepted as Euclymene natalensis (Day, 1957) (source of synonymy)
Dasychone argus capensis McIntosh, 1925 accepted as Branchiomma capense (McIntosh, 1885) (source of synonymy)
Dasychone argus chefinae McIntosh, 1925 accepted as Branchiomma nigromaculatum (Baird, 1865) (source of synonymy)
Diplocirrus capensis Day, 1961 (original description)
Dodecaceria afra Augener, 1918 accepted as Caulleriella capensis (Monro, 1930) (source of synonymy)
Dodecaceria capensis Day, 1961 (original description)
Euchone capensis Day, 1961 (original description)
Euclymene glandularis (Day, 1955) accepted as Isocirrus glandularis (Day, 1955) (new combination reference)
Euclymene lyrocephala (Schmarda, 1861) accepted as Isocirrus lyrocephalus (Schmarda, 1861) (basis of record)
Euclymene mossambica (Day, 1957) (additional source)
Euclymene natalensis (Day, 1957) (additional source)
Fabricia bansei Day, 1961 accepted as Novafabricia bansei (Day, 1961) (original description)
Ficopomatus capensis Day, 1961 accepted as Pseudochitinopoma capensis (Day, 1961) (original description)
Heterocirrus caputesocis capensis Monro, 1930 accepted as Caulleriella capensis (Monro, 1930) (source of synonymy)
Hypsicomus capensis Day, 1961 (original description)
Lysippe agulhasensis Day, 1961 accepted as Ampharete agulhasensis (Day, 1961) (original description)
Lysippe capensis Day, 1961 accepted as Ampharete capensis (Day, 1961) (original description)
Macroclymene saldanha (Day, 1955) (basis of record)
Magelona capensis Day, 1961 (original description)
Maldanella capensis Day, 1961 (original description)
Mediomastus capensis Day, 1961 (original description)
Neovermilia capensis Day, 1961 (original description)
Nerinides gilchristi Day, 1961 accepted as Scolelepis (Parascolelepis) gilchristi (Day, 1961) (original description)
Nicolea quadrilobata Augener, 1918 accepted as Pista quadrilobata (Augener, 1918) (new combination reference)
Nicomache lumbricalis (Fabricius, 1780) (additional source)
Ophelia agulhana Day, 1961 (original description)
Ophelia anomala Day, 1961 (original description)
Orbinia dubia Day, 1955 accepted as Scolaricia dubia (Day, 1955) (new combination reference)
Oriopsis bansei Day, 1961 (original description)
Oriopsis ehlersi Day, 1961 (original description)
Parasclerocheilus capensis Day, 1961 (original description)
Pherusa saldanha Day, 1961 (original description)
Pherusa swakopiana (Augener, 1918) (basis of record)
Phylo capensis Day, 1961 (original description)
Pista qolora Day, 1955 accepted as Pista quadrilobata (Augener, 1918) (additional source)
Pista quadrilobata (Augener, 1918) (basis of record)
Potamilla linguicollaris Day, 1961 accepted as Perkinsiana linguicollaris (Day, 1961) (original description)
Praxilla capensis McIntosh, 1885 accepted as Praxillella capensis (McIntosh, 1885) (source of synonymy)
Prionospio cirrobranchiata Day, 1961 accepted as Aonidella cirrobranchiata (Day, 1961) (original description)
Prionospio malmgreni dubia Day, 1961 accepted as Prionospio dubia Day, 1961 (original description)
Prionospio saldanha Day, 1961 (original description)
Protolaeospira (Protolaeospira) capensis (Day, 1961) (basis of record)
Sabellaria fucicola Augener, 1918 (source of synonymy)
Sabellides capensis Day, 1961 accepted as Ampharete capensis (Day, 1961) (original description)
Scolaricia capensis Day, 1961 (original description)
Scolaricia dubia (Day, 1955) (basis of record)
Scoloplos (Leodamas) uniramus Day, 1961 (original description)
Scoloplos (Scoloplos) dayi Hartmann-Schröder, 1980 accepted as Scoloplos dayi Hartmann-Schröder, 1980 (source of synonymy)
Scoloplos (Scoloplos) dayi Pettibone, 1957 accepted as Scolaricia dubia (Day, 1955) (source of synonymy)
Spirorbis (Paralaeospira) capensis Day, 1961 accepted as Paralaeospira capensis (Day, 1963) accepted as Protolaeospira (Protolaeospira) capensis (Day, 1961) (original description)
Stylarioides swakopianus Augener, 1918 accepted as Pherusa swakopiana (Augener, 1918) (source of synonymy)
Tharyx dorsobranchialis (Kirkegaard, 1959) accepted as Monticellina dorsobranchialis (Kirkegaard, 1959) accepted as Kirkegaardia dorsobranchialis (Kirkegaard, 1959) (basis of record)
Tharyx filibranchia Day, 1961 accepted as Aphelochaeta filibranchia (Day, 1961) (original description)
Holotype NHMUK 1961.16.89, geounit South Africa, identified as Streblosoma hesslei Day, 1955
 Depth range

Intertidal to 64 m. One record from a possible depth of 110m (Day, 1961). [details]


Atlantic and Indian shores of South Africa. [details]


Not stated. The specific epithet dubia (masculine: dubius) is a Latin adjective meaning 'dubious', 'doubtful' or ... [details]


Different mixtures of sand, shells, stones and rocks, from the intertidal to shelf depths. [details]


Moved to different genus. [details]