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Blake, J.A. 1993. New genera and species of deep-sea polychaetes of the family Nautiliniellidae from the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern Pacific. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, 106(1): 147-157.
Blake, J. A.
New genera and species of deep-sea polychaetes of the family Nautiliniellidae from the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern Pacific
Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington
106(1): 147-157
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Pilargis mirasetis Fauchald, 1972 is redescribed and referred to a new genus Santelma. These species are tentatively referred to the family Nautiliniellidae that heretofore has included commensals of bivalve molluscs. One species, Laubierus mucronatus, was dissected from a mussel during its collection, but the other three species were not associated with bivalves during the sorting process. Two genera and species, Miura spinosa and Santelma miraseta come from the eastern Pacific, while Laubierus mucronatus and Flascarpia alvinae come from cold-seep communities on the Florida Escarpment. The genera presently assigned to the Nautiliniellidae are heterogeneous and diverse. These genera are compared with previously described nautiliniellids and with the closely related family Antonbruunidae. Of the 8 genera of Nautiliniellidae, 7 are monotypic, with the only known species of Antonbruunidae, Antonbruunia, left in this family.
Gulf of Mexico
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Antonbruunidae Fauchald, 1977 (status source)
Flascarpia Blake, 1993 (original description)
Flascarpia alvinae Blake, 1993 (original description)
Laubierus Blake, 1993 (original description)
Laubierus mucronatus Blake, 1993 (original description)
Miura Blake, 1993 (original description)
Miura spinosa Blake, 1993 (original description)
Pilargis mirasetis Fauchald, 1972 accepted as Santelma miraseta (Fauchald, 1972) (source of synonymy)
Santelma Blake, 1993 (original description)
Santelma miraseta (Fauchald, 1972) (basis of record)

Named for Dr. Lucien Laubier, polychaete systematist, in recognition of his first descriptions of nautiliniellids. [details]


named for Dr. Tomoyuki Miura, who was one of the first describers of the nautiliniellid polychaetes. [details]


The generic name is a composite of Florida and Escarpment, denoting the Florida Escarpment where the type species ... [details]


The name for this genus is coined from the town of San Telmo, Mexico, which is the closest point of land near the ... [details]