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Amoureux, L.; Rullier, F.; Fishelson, L. (1978). Systématique et Ecologie d'Annélides Polychètes de la presqu'îl du Sinai. Israel Journal of Zoology. 27 (2-3): 57-163.
Amoureux, L.; Rullier, F.; Fishelson, L.
Systématique et Ecologie d'Annélides Polychètes de la presqu'îl du Sinai
Israel Journal of Zoology
27 (2-3): 57-163
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
A summary of taxonomic and biocenotic investigations on Polychaeta in the Gulf of Elat (= Gulf of Aqaba) and Gulf of Suez from 1968-1973 is presented. Data are given for about 250 spp. of 135 genera and 26 families. Three species are new: Eupomatus dafni, Iphione reticulata and Sphaerodoridium simplex. Twelve species are new records for the Red Sea: Phyllodoce gravida Gravier, Notopygos megalops McIntosh, Chloeia flava (Pallas), Uncopolynoe corallicola Hartmann-Schroder, Pareulepis wyvillei (McIntosh), Harmothoe lunulata (Delle Chiaje), Podarke agilis Ehlers, Eunice harassii Audouin and Milne-Edwards, Hydroides inornatus Pilai, Spirobranchus lima (Grube), Spriobranchus polytrema (Philippi) and Protis arctica (Hansen). The ecological analysis showed that 28 spp. were typical for dead corals. Of 14 coral colonies investigated, individuals of Nereis mirabilis were found in 11 colonies, Paleanotus debilis and Opisthosyllis longicirrata in 10 colonies, N. coutierei and Polyophthalmus pictus in 7 colonies and Phyllodoce madeirensis and O. laevis in 3 colonies. As for bathymetric distribution, 22 spp. were found below 40 m depth. Of these, Eupanthalis kinbergi and Pareulepis wyvillei were collected at a 400-500 m depth, Oenone fulgida and Glycera longipinnis at 250-300 m and Hyalinoecia tubicola, Armandia longicaudata, Spirobranchus lima and Protula tubularia at 80-100 m. A rich and characteristic polychaete community was found in polluted near-shore regions in the Gulfs of Elat and Suez. Of 26 spp. collected there, the most common were Capitella capitata, Syllides fulva, Chloeia fusca, Parasphaerosyllis indica and Microspio mecznikowianus. Fifty species were collected in a new artificial lagoon near Elat most from fouling on floating buoys, e.g., Harmothoe gilchristi, Hololepidella nigropunctata, Iphione reticulata, Nereis costae and N. pachychaeta. Among Polychaeta collected on other animals, Scalisetosus longicirrus occurred on about 12 crinoid species. Two species were collected on Fungia corals: Malmgrenia castanea on F. fungites and Harmothoe lunulata synaptae on F. scutaria. Several were collected on sponges, especially on the toxic Latrunculia magnifica; Harmothoe lunulata and Polyeunoa laevis are typical. Filograna implexa, which occurred on sponges, was found also on Octocorallia. Fifteen species were collected on various Octocorallia, especially Gorganaria. Most were typical for this host and were not found on other animals.
Red Sea
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Not stated, but Eupomatus dafnii as “trouvé par Mr. Dafni” is evidently named after the collector, Yaacob ... [details]


Records from non Mediterranean localities should be reidentified, for instance that by Amoureux et al (1978) from ... [details]

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Eilat, Gulf of Aqaba (of Eilat), Israel, Red Sea, on reef coral. The site is mapped by the authors, but not ... [details]