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NameSaito, Y. N. Nagasawa (2003) Studies on Japanese botryllid ascidians III. A new species of the genus Botryllus with a vivid colony color from the vicinity of Shimoda. Zool. Sci. 20: 765-771.
DOI10.2108/zsj.20.765 [view]
AuthorsSaito, Y.; Nagasawa, N.
TitleStudies on Japanese Botryllid Ascidians. III. A New Species of the Genus Botryllus with a Vivid Colony Color from the Vicinity of Shimoda
JournalZoological Science
Suffix20(6), 765-771
Type Publication
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorBotryllus puniceus Saito & Nagasawa, 2003 (original description)
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