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Ilan, M.; Ben-Eliahu, M.N.; Galil, B.S. (1994). Three deep water sponges from the Eastern Mediterranean and their associated fauna. Ophelia. 39: 45–54.
Ilan, M.; Ben-Eliahu, M.N.; Galil, B.S.
Three deep water sponges from the Eastern Mediterranean and their associated fauna
39: 45–54
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Three species of sponges were collected off the Israeli Mediterranean coast from a depth of 830 m: Bubaris sarayi sp. nov., described here, Sarcotragus cf . muscarum, and lrcinia cf. retidermata. The sponge cavities contained the polychaetes Harmothoe spinifera, Ceratonereis costae, Leonnates jousseaumei, and the snapping shrimp Synalpheusg ambarelloides.T he sponge surface was encrusted with the serpulid tubeworm Hydroides heterocerosL. eonnatesj ousseaumei and H. heteroceroasr e Lessepsian migrants, and L. jousseaumei is recorded from the Mediterranean for the first time. For all the species, the present finding constitutes a great extension of their known depth range; this is also the first record of Lessepsian migrants from great depths. It is suggested that in the deep water soft-bottom environment, sponges are porous hard-substrate microhabitat islands, providing associated fauna with shelter, and possibly also a continuous flow of water with suspended matter.
Mediterranean Sea in general
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Israeli part of the Mediterranean Sea - Eastern Basin for Leonnates jousseaumei Gravier, 1901  (origin: alien)
Levantine Sea for Bubaris sarayi Ilan, Ben-Eliahu & Galil, 1994 
Levantine Sea for Ircinia retidermata Pulitzer-Finali & Pronzato, 1981