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NameL. B. Holthuis & E. Gottlies(1958) An annotated list of Decapod Crustacea of the Mediterranean Coast of Israel, with an appendix listing the Decapoda of the Eastern Mediterranean. Bulletin of the Research Council of Israel. Haifa, Israel. 1-126pp.
Type Publication
Abu Qir Bay for Metapenaeus monoceros (Fabricius, 1798)
Adriatic Sea for Callianassa minor de Man, 1928
Adriatic Sea for Jaxea nocturna Nardo, 1847
Adriatic Sea for Upogebia tipica (Nardo, 1869)
Aegean Sea for Callianassa minor de Man, 1928
Aegean Sea for Lucifer typus H. Milne Edwards, 1837 [in H. Milne Edwards, 1834-1840]
Alexandria for Jaxea nocturna Nardo, 1847
Alexandria for Micropanope rufopunctata (A. Milne Edwards, 1869)
Alexandria for Myra fugax (Fabricius, 1798)
Alexandria for Penaeus japonicus Spence Bate, 1888
Alexandria for Pisa muscosa (Linnaeus, 1758)
Alexandria for Upogebia deltaura (Leach, 1815)
Alexandria for Upogebia tipica (Nardo, 1869)
Alexandria for Xantho granulicarpus Forest, in Drach & Forest, 1953
Algeria for Macropipus vernalis (Risso, 1827)
Andaman and Nicobar for Leptochela (Leptochela) pugnax de Man, 1916
Andaman Sea for Chlorotocus crassicornis (A. Costa, 1871)
Andaman Sea for Leptochela (Leptochela) pugnax de Man, 1916
Angola for Clibanarius erythropus (Latreille, 1818)
Angola for Diogenes pugilator (Roux, 1829)
Archipel malais for Lucifer typus H. Milne Edwards, 1837 [in H. Milne Edwards, 1834-1840]
Ashqelon for Parapenaeus longirostris (Lucas, 1846)
Atlantic for Planes minutus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Atlantic for Plesionika edwardsii (Brandt, 1851)
Atlantic Coast of United States of America for Carcinus mediterraneus Czerniavsky, 1884
Atlantic Europe for Carcinus mediterraneus Czerniavsky, 1884
Atlantic Europe for Palaemon longirostris H. Milne Edwards, 1837 [in H. Milne Edwards, 1834-1840]
Atlit for Myra fugax (Fabricius, 1798)
Australia for Aristaeomorpha foliacea (Risso, 1827)
Australia for Pachygrapsus transversus (Gibbes, 1850)
Azores for Pilumnus spinifer H. Milne Edwards, 1834
Bahamas for Xantho granulicarpus Forest, in Drach & Forest, 1953
Balear Islands for Pandalidae Haworth, 1825
Baltic sea for Palaemon adspersus Rathke, 1837
Bat Yam for Leucosia signata Paul'son, 1875
Bat Yam for Penaeus japonicus Spence Bate, 1888
Bay of Bengal for Lucifer typus H. Milne Edwards, 1837 [in H. Milne Edwards, 1834-1840]
Bay of Bengal for Sergestes corniculum Krøyer, 1855
Black Sea for Alpheus dentipes Guérin, 1832
Black Sea for Brachynotus sexdentatus (Risso, 1827)
Black Sea for Callianassa tyrrhena (Petagna, 1792)
Black Sea for Carcinus mediterraneus Czerniavsky, 1884
Black Sea for Clibanarius erythropus (Latreille, 1818)
Black Sea for Diogenes pugilator (Roux, 1829)
Black Sea for Eriphia verrucosa (Forskål, 1775)
Black Sea for Inachus dorsettensis (Pennant, 1777)
Black Sea for Macropipus depurator (Linnaeus, 1758)
Black Sea for Macropodia longirostris (Fabricius, 1775)
Black Sea for Pachygrapsus marmoratus (Fabricius, 1787)
Black Sea for Palaemon adspersus Rathke, 1837
Black Sea for Palaemon elegans Rathke, 1837
Black Sea for Palaemon longirostris H. Milne Edwards, 1837 [in H. Milne Edwards, 1834-1840]
Black Sea for Palaemon serratus (Pennant, 1777)
Black Sea for Pilumnus hirtellus (Linnaeus, 1761)
Black Sea for Pilumnus spinifer H. Milne Edwards, 1834
Black Sea for Portumnus latipes (Pennant, 1777)
Black Sea for Xantho poressa (Olivi, 1792)
Bosporus for Pisa muscosa (Linnaeus, 1758)
Brazil for Sicyonia carinata (Brünnich, 1768)
British Isles for Brachynotus sexdentatus (Risso, 1827)
British Isles for Jaxea nocturna Nardo, 1847
Caesarea for Anapagurus laevis (Bell, 1846)
Caesarea for Clibanarius erythropus (Latreille, 1818)
Caesarea for Dorippe lanata (Linnaeus)
Caesarea for Galathea squamifera Leach, 1814
Caesarea for Porcellana platycheles (Pennant, 1777)
Canaries for Palaemon xiphias Risso, 1816
Canaries for Pandalidae Haworth, 1825
Canary Islands for Scyllarides latus (Latreille, 1803)
Canary Islands for Xantho poressa (Olivi, 1792)
Cape Jaubert for Ogyrides mjoebergi (Balss, 1921)
Cape Verde for Typton spongicola O.G. Costa, 1844
Ceylon for Brachycarpus biunguiculatus (Lucas, 1846)
China Sea for Lucifer typus H. Milne Edwards, 1837 [in H. Milne Edwards, 1834-1840]
Coast of Arabia for Pontocaris cataphracta
Crete for Solenocera membranacea (Risso, 1816)
Crete Sea for Pisa muscosa (Linnaeus, 1758)
Cuba for Micropanope rufopunctata (A. Milne Edwards, 1869)
Cuba for Xantho granulicarpus Forest, in Drach & Forest, 1953
Curonian Lagoon for Micropanope rufopunctata (A. Milne Edwards, 1869)
Curonian Lagoon for Xantho granulicarpus Forest, in Drach & Forest, 1953
Danish Exclusive Economic Zone for Palaemon elegans Rathke, 1837
East Africa for Aristaeomorpha foliacea (Risso, 1827)
East Africa for Chlorotocus crassicornis (A. Costa, 1871)
East Africa for Dorippe lanata (Linnaeus)
East Africa for Myra fugax (Fabricius, 1798)
East American Coast for Brachycarpus biunguiculatus (Lucas, 1846)
East American Coast for Callinectes sapidus Rathbun, 1896
East American Coast for Carcinus mediterraneus Czerniavsky, 1884
East American Coast for Dardanus arrosor (Herbst, 1796)
East American Coast for Scyllarus arctus (Linnaeus, 1758)
East Atlantic for Acanthonyx lunulatus (Risso, 1816)
East Atlantic for Alpheus dentipes Guérin, 1832
East Atlantic for Anapagurus bicorniger A. Milne-Edwards & Bouvier, 1892
East Atlantic for Anapagurus laevis (Bell, 1846)
East Atlantic for Aristaeomorpha foliacea (Risso, 1827)
East Atlantic for Aristeus antennatus (Risso, 1816)
East Atlantic for Athanas nitescens (Leach, 1813 [in Leach, 1813-1814])
East Atlantic for Calappa granulata (Linnaeus, 1758)
East Atlantic for Callianassa tyrrhena (Petagna, 1792)

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