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NameBruce, A.J., 2000. Typton manningi and T. capricorniae, new species, new pontoniine shrimps from Northern Queensland, with a review of the Indo-West Pacific species of Typton Costa (Decapoda: Palaemonidae).— Journal of Crustacean Biology 20 (Special number 2): 87-100.
Type Publication
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorTypton capricorniae Bruce, 2000 (original description)
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorTypton manningi Bruce, 2000 (original description)
Australia for Typton manningi Bruce, 2000
Bawi for Typton bawii Bruce, 1972
Heron Island for Typton bawii Bruce, 1972
Heron Island for Typton capricorniae Bruce, 2000
Heron Island for Typton wasini Bruce, 1977
Indo-West Pacific for Typton manningi Bruce, 2000
Japan for Typton bawii Bruce, 1972
Kenya for Typton bawii Bruce, 1972
Kenya for Typton wasini Bruce, 1977
La Salie for Typton wasini Bruce, 1977
Queensland for Typton bawii Bruce, 1972
Queensland for Typton capricorniae Bruce, 2000
Queensland for Typton manningi Bruce, 2000
Queensland for Typton wasini Bruce, 1977
Ras Iwetine for Typton bawii Bruce, 1972
Shimoni for Typton bawii Bruce, 1972
Unguja for Typton bawii Bruce, 1972
Wasini Channel for Typton wasini Bruce, 1977
Western Australia (state) for Typton nanus Bruce, 1987
Zanzibar for Typton bawii Bruce, 1972
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