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Issel, A. (1869). Malacologia del Mar Rosso. Ricerche zoologiche e paleontologiche. Biblioteca Malacologica, Pisa. xi + 387 pp., pls 1-5.
Issel, A.
Malacologia del Mar Rosso. Ricerche zoologiche e paleontologiche. Biblioteca Malacologica, Pisa. xi + 387 pp., pls 1-5.
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Alaba martensi Issel, 1869 (original description)
Alvania bourguignati Issel, 1869 accepted as Stosicia bourguignati (Issel, 1869) (original description)
Alvania cerithina (Philippi, 1849) accepted as Cerithidium cerithinum (Philippi, 1849) (new combination reference)
Caecum arabicus Issel, 1869 accepted as Caecum arabicum Issel, 1869 (original description)
Cardium isthmicum Issel, 1869 accepted as Cerastoderma glaucum (Bruguière, 1789) (original description)
Cardium sueziense Issel, 1869 accepted as Fragum sueziense (Issel, 1869) (original description)
Cardium sueziensis [sic] accepted as Cardium sueziense Issel, 1869 accepted as Fragum sueziense (Issel, 1869) (basis of record)
Cerithium bacillum Issel, 1869 accepted as Metaxia bacillum (Issel, 1869) (original description)
Cerithium pulvis Issel, 1869 accepted as Nanopsis pulvis (Issel, 1869) accepted as Cerithiopsis pulvis (Issel, 1869) (original description)
Chiton affinis Issel, 1869 accepted as Rhyssoplax affinis (Issel, 1869) (original description)
Cingula madreporica Issel, 1869 (original description)
Cingula psammatica Issel, 1869 (original description)
Cingula tiberiana Issel, 1869 accepted as Voorwindia tiberiana (Issel, 1869) (original description)
Cingula villae Issel, 1869 (original description)
Cingula waabitica Issel, 1869 (original description)
Crenella vaillanti Issel, 1869 accepted as Rhomboidella vaillanti (Issel, 1869) (original description)
Cylichna mongii (Audouin, 1826) accepted as Liloa mongii (Audouin, 1826) (basis of record)
Eulima gentilomiana Issel, 1869 (original description)
Eulimella cingulata Issel, 1869 accepted as Cingulina isseli (Tryon, 1886) (original description)
Fusus biangulatus Deshayes, 1833 accepted as Marmorofusus polygonoides (Lamarck, 1822) (source of synonymy)
Kellia miliacea Issel, 1869 accepted as Alveinus miliaceus (Issel, 1869) (original description)
Lucina fischeriana Issel, 1869 accepted as Pillucina angela (Melvill, 1899) accepted as Rugalucina angela (Melvill, 1899) (original description)
Marginella pygmaea Issel, 1869 accepted as Marginella isseli G. Nevill & H. Nevill, 1875 accepted as Granulina isseli (G. Nevill & H. Nevill, 1875) (original description)
Mitra pharaonis Issel, 1869 accepted as Vexillum cadaverosum (Reeve, 1844) (original description)
Nassa costulata var. erythrea Issel, 1869 accepted as Reticunassa erythraea (Issel, 1869) (original description)
Neritopsis semiplicata Issel, 1869 † accepted as Vanikoro semiplicata (Issel, 1869) † (original description)
Odontostomia craticulata Issel, 1869 (original description)
Petricola hemprichi Issel, 1869 accepted as Petricola fabagella Lamarck, 1818 (original description)
Rissoa delicata Philippi, 1849 accepted as Pseudonoba delicata (Philippi, 1849) (basis of record)
Rissoa desmarestii "Audouin" Issel, 1869 (basis of record)
Rissoa dorbignyi "Audouin" Issel, 1869 (basis of record)
Rissoa fremenvillei "Audouin" Issel, 1869 (basis of record)
Rissoa sismondiana Issel, 1869 (original description)
Rissoina bellardii Issel, 1869 accepted as Pyramidelloides mirandus (A. Adams, 1861) (original description)
Rissoina bertholleti Issel, 1869 (original description)
Rissoina seguenziana Issel, 1869 accepted as Phosinella seguenziana (Issel, 1869) (original description)
Rissoina sismondiana Issel, 1869 (original description)
Rissoina stoppanii Issel, 1869 (original description)
Stomatella doriae Issel, 1869 accepted as Stomatella modesta H. Adams & A. Adams, 1864 (original description)
Triphoris perlata Issel, 1869 accepted as Mastonia perlata (Issel, 1869) (original description)
Trochus hemprichii Issel, 1869 accepted as Ethminolia hemprichii (Issel, 1869) (original description)
Turbo eroopolitanus Issel, 1869 accepted as Collonista eroopolitana (Issel, 1869) (original description)
Venus roemeriana Issel, 1869 accepted as Timoclea roemeriana (Issel, 1869) (original description)