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Gibbons, M.J., Thibault Botha, D., 2002. The match between ocean circulation and zoogeography of epipelagic siphonophores around southern Africa. J. Mar. Biol. Ass. U.K. 82 5: 801-810.
Published and unpublished records of epipelagic calycophoran siphonophores from around southern Africa were examined for zoogeographic structure. There is a close match between prevailing patterns of surface ocean circulation and zoogeography, which while similar to previous studies of intertidal taxa and euphausiids, is different from them in some key details. Separate subtropical provinces are associated with both the Angola and Agulhas Currents, and the latter system has a marked influence on the composition of (warm-temperate) assemblages along the south coast of South Africa. The nearshore waters in the Benguela upwelling ecosystem (cold temperate) are distinct, but the Luderitz upwelling cell does not appear to act as an internal boundary within the Benguela ecosystem, as has been previously noted for benthic communities. Species richness is greater in oceanic than coastal waters, and peaks in subtropical waters. High diversity is also noted offshore in the area between Capes Agulhas and Columbine, where water of Indian, Southern and Atlantic Ocean interact. Indicator species for each major water mass were tentatively identified. (only abstract)
Zoogeography, Biogeography (generalities), Geographic distribution
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Desmophyes annectens Haeckel, 1888 (additional source)
South Africa for Abylopsis tetragona (Otto, 1823) 
South Africa for Bassia bassensis (Quoy & Gaimard, 1833) 
South Africa for Chelophyes appendiculata (Eschscholtz, 1829) 
South Africa for Dimophyes arctica (Chun, 1897) 
South Africa for Diphyes dispar Chamisso & Eysenhardt, 1821 
South Africa for Enneagonum hyalinum Quoy & Gaimard, 1827 
South Africa for Eudoxoides mitra (Huxley, 1859) 
South Africa for Hippopodius hippopus (Forssk√•l, 1776) 
South Africa for Lensia conoidea (Keferstein & Ehlers, 1860) 
South Africa for Lensia multicristata (Moser, 1925) 
South Africa for Muggiaea atlantica Cunningham, 1892 
South Africa for Muggiaea kochii (Will, 1844) 
South Africa for Sulculeolaria biloba (Sars, 1846) 
South Africa for Sulculeolaria chuni (Lens & van Riemsdijk, 1908) 
South Africa for Sulculeolaria quadrivalvis de Blainville, 1830 
South African part of the Indian Ocean for Abyla haeckeli Lens & van Riemsdijk, 1908 
South African part of the Indian Ocean for Abyla trigona Quoy & Gaimard, 1827 
South African part of the South Atlantic Ocean for Ceratocymba sagittata (Quoy & Gaimard, 1827) 
South East Atlantic for Amphicaryon acaule Chun, 1888 
South East Atlantic for Lensia fowleri (Bigelow, 1911)