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Buss, L.W.; Yund, P.O. (1989). A sibling species group of Hydractinia in the north-eastern United States. J. mar. biol. Ass. U.K. 69(4) 857-874.
Buss, L.W.; Yund, P.O.
A sibling species group of Hydractinia in the north-eastern United States
J. mar. biol. Ass. U.K.
69(4) 857-874
The genus Hydractinia has traditionally been reported to be represented by a single common species in the western Atlantic. Breeding experiments, supplemented by morphometric and electrophoretic analyses, demonstrate the existence of three distinct Hydractinia species (including H. polyelina) in the nearshore waters of the north-eastern United States. Two of these species (H. symbiolongicarpus sp. nov. and H. symbiopollicaris sp. nov.) are described as new. Samples collected at nine locations from Maine to Connecticut confirm that each Hydractinia species is predominantly, but not exclusively, associated with a single host hermit crab species. Traditional morphometric characters are largely inadequate to distinguish between species. Growth beyond the shell margin, electromorph at the malate dehydrogenase locus, and nutritive polyp morphology are diagnostic criteria for one or more of these species.Descriptors: HYDRACTINIA SYMBIOLONGICARPUS new species; HYDRACTINIA SYMBIOPOLLICARIS new species; HYDRACTINIA POLYCLINAfigs 1-2, tabs 1-6. (xi.1989).
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Systematics, Taxonomy
Zoogeography, Biogeography (generalities), Geographic distribution
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