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Antsulevich, A.E. & D.G. Polteva, 1986. Gidroidy roda Rhizogeton (Athecata, Clavidae) v faune SSSR. Hydroids of the genus Rhizogeton (Athecata, Clavidae) in fauna of the USSR. Zool. Zh. 65 7: 965-972.
Hydroids of a rare genus, Rhizogeton L. Agassiz, 1862, are recorded in fauna of the USSR for the first time. Three species, R. fusiformis L. Agassiz, 1862, R. nudum Broch, 1910 and R. nematophorum Antsulevich, sp. n., were found in different seas of the USSR. Specialized zooids, nematophores, were found in members of the family Clavidae for the first time. Mouthless nematophores have only type of nematocysts sbd microbasic eureteles. In gastrozooids of the same colony there are mostly desmonemes and microbasic eureteles as well. R. ezoense Yamada, 1964 is regared as a junior synonym of R. fusiformis. Thus, these three species are the only ones known up to now in the world Rhizogeton fauna, but probably one more species inhabits the Indian Ocean. Data on distribution, morphology and ecology of the species are expanded. Cnidoms are described. Descriptors: RHIZOGETON FUSIFORMIS; RHIZOGETON NEMATOPHORUM; RHIZOGETON NUDUM; RHIZOGETON EZOENSE figs. 1-3. (19.vi.1986, Russian with English summary).
Systematics, Taxonomy
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