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Chilton, C. (1912). The Amphipoda of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition (reprinted from The Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Report on the Scientific Results of the Voyage of S.Y. 48: 455-520.
Chilton, C.
The Amphipoda of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition (reprinted from The Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Report on the Scientific Results of the Voyage of S.Y.
48: 455-520
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Ant'Phipoda Literature database
Weddell Sea
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Atlantic sector of Southern Ocean for Cyphocaris richardi Chevreux, 1905 
Coats Land for Waldeckia obesa (Chevreux, 1906) 
Falkland Islands for Gondogeneia simplex (Dana, 1852) 
Falkland Islands for Orchestia scutigerula Dana, 1853 
Gough Island for Acontiostoma marionis Stebbing, 1888 
Magellanic region for Orchestia scutigerula Dana, 1853 
Scotia Sea for Eusirus antarcticus Thomson, 1880 
South Orkney Island for Abyssorchomene nodimanus (Walker, 1903) 
South Orkney Island for Abyssorchomene plebs (Hurley, 1965) 
South Orkney Island for Abyssorchomene rossi (Walker, 1903) 
South Orkney Island for Antatelson walkeri (Chilton, 1912) 
South Orkney Island for Atyloella magellanica (Stebbing, 1888) 
South Orkney Island for Bovallia gigantea Pfeffer, 1888 
South Orkney Island for Cheirimedon femoratus (Pfeffer, 1888) 
South Orkney Island for Colomastix fissilingua Schellenberg, 1926 
South Orkney Island for Djerboa furcipes Chevreux, 1906 
South Orkney Island for Eurymera monticulosa Pfeffer, 1888 
South Orkney Island for Eusirus antarcticus Thomson, 1880 
South Orkney Island for Eusirus perdentatus Chevreux, 1912 
South Orkney Island for Gitanopsis squamosa (Thomson, 1880) 
South Orkney Island for Gondogeneia antarctica (Chevreux, 1906) 
South Orkney Island for Haliragoides australis Chilton, 1912 
South Orkney Island for Haplocheira plumosa Stebbing, 1888 
South Orkney Island for Heterophoxus videns K.H. Barnard, 1930 
South Orkney Island for Ischyrocerus camptonyx Thurston, 1974 
South Orkney Island for Jassa goniamera Walker, 1903 
South Orkney Island for Leucothoe spinicarpa (Abildgaard, 1789) 
South Orkney Island for Liljeborgia georgiana Schellenberg, 1931 
South Orkney Island for Metopoides sarsi (Pfeffer, 1888) 
South Orkney Island for Oradarea bidentata K.H. Barnard, 1932 
South Orkney Island for Oradarea unidentata Thurston, 1974 
South Orkney Island for Oradarea walkeri Shoemaker, 1930 
South Orkney Island for Orchomenella (Orchomenella) pinguides (Walker, 1903) 
South Orkney Island for Paraceradocus miersi (Pfeffer, 1888) 
South Orkney Island for Paradexamine fissicauda Chevreux, 1906 
South Orkney Island for Paramoera edouardi Schellenberg, 1929 
South Orkney Island for Pariphimedia integricauda Chevreux, 1906 
South Orkney Island for Polycheria antarctica (Stebbing, 1875) 
South Orkney Island for Probolisca ovata (Stebbing, 1888) 
South Orkney Island for Prostebbingia brevicornis (Chevreux, 1906) 
South Orkney Island for Prothaumatelson nasutum (Chevreux, 1912) 
South Orkney Island for Schraderia gracilis Pfeffer, 1888 
South Orkney Island for Thaumatelson herdmani Walker, 1906 
South Orkney Island for Wandelia crassipes Chevreux, 1906 
Tristan da Cunha for Apohyale grandicornis (Krøyer, 1845) 
Weddell Sea for Abyssorchomene plebs (Hurley, 1965) 
Weddell Sea for Abyssorchomene rossi (Walker, 1903) 
Weddell Sea for Alexandrella australis (Chilton, 1912) 
Weddell Sea for Bathypanoploea schellenbergi Holman & Watling, 1983 
Weddell Sea for Epimeria macrodonta Walker, 1906 
Weddell Sea for Eusirus antarcticus Thomson, 1880 
Weddell Sea for Ischyrocerus camptonyx Thurston, 1974 
Weddell Sea for Jassa goniamera Walker, 1903 
Weddell Sea for Parschisturella carinata (Schellenberg, 1926) 
Weddell Sea for Pseudorchomene coatsi (Chilton, 1912) 
Weddell Sea for Tryphosella murrayi (Walker, 1903) 
Weddell Sea for Waldeckia obesa (Chevreux, 1906)