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Lang, K. (1949). Contribution to the systematics and synonymics of the Tanaidacea. Arkiv för Zoologie. Series 1, 42 (18): 1-14.
Lang, K.
Contribution to the systematics and synonymics of the Tanaidacea
Arkiv för Zoologie
Series 1, 42 (18): 1-14
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Agathotanais Hansen, 1913 (taxonomy source)
Anarthrura Sars, 1882 (taxonomy source)
Apseudes leptodactylus (Beddard, 1886) accepted as Leviapseudes leptodactylus (Beddard, 1886) (new combination reference)
Apseudes multicarinatus Whitelegge, 1901 accepted as Whiteleggia multicarinata (Whitelegge, 1901) (taxonomy source)
Apseudes rikiteanus Nobili, 1906 (taxonomy source)
Apseudidae Leach, 1814 (taxonomy source)
Bathytanais Beddard, 1886 (taxonomy source)
Haplocope Sars, 1882 (taxonomy source)
Heterotanais Sars, 1882 (taxonomy source)
Heterotanais algiricus Dollfus, 1898 accepted as Heterotanais anomalus Sars, 1882 accepted as Pseudoleptochelia anomala (Sars, 1882) (source of synonymy)
Hodometrica australis (Haswell, 1882) (new combination reference)
Kalliapseudes obtusifrons (Haswell, 1882) (new combination reference)
Leiopus Beddard, 1886 not Audinet-Serville, 1836 accepted as Leviapseudes Sieg, 1983 (taxonomy source)
Leiopus leptodactylus Beddard, 1886 accepted as Apseudes leptodactylus (Beddard, 1886) accepted as Leviapseudes leptodactylus (Beddard, 1886) (source of synonymy)
Leptochelia Dana, 1849 (taxonomy source)
Leptognathia Sars, 1882 (taxonomy source)
Leptognathia arctophylax (Norman & Stebbing, 1886) accepted as Paranarthrurella arctophylax (Norman & Stebbing, 1886) (new combination reference)
Leptognathia vöringi (Sars, 1877) accepted as Paranarthrurella voeringi (Sars, 1877) (new combination reference)
Leptognathiella Hansen, 1913 (taxonomy source)
Neotanais Beddard, 1886 (taxonomy source)
Nototanais Richardson, 1906 (taxonomy source)
Pagurotanais Bouvier, 1918 (taxonomy source)
Paranarthrura Hansen, 1913 (taxonomy source)
Paratanaidae Lang, 1949 (original description)
Paratanaidinae Lang, 1949 (taxonomy source)
Paratanais Dana, 1853 (taxonomy source)
Paratanaoidea Lang, 1949 (taxonomy source)
Pseudotanais nanaimoensis (Fee, 1926) accepted as Pseudotanais oculatus Hansen, 1913 (new combination reference)
Strongylura Sars, 1882 accepted as Collettea Lang, 1973 (taxonomy source)
Strongylurella Hansen, 1913 accepted as Leptognathia Sars, 1882 (taxonomy source)
Tanais vittatus (Rathke, 1843) accepted as Tanais cavolinii Milne Edwards, 1840 accepted as Tanais dulongii (Audouin, 1826) (taxonomy source)
Tanaissus Norman & Scott, 1906 (taxonomy source)
Tanaopsis Sars, 1899 (taxonomy source)
Tanaopsis graciloides (Lilljeborg, 1864) (new combination reference)
Typhlotanais Sars, 1882 (taxonomy source)
 Taxonomic remark

synonymized with Tanaopsis laticaudata by Lang, 1949:10, but this has been questioned by other workers (Bamber, ... [details]


made a junior synonym of Apseudes by Lang, 1955 but revalidated by Gutu, 2006 [details]


synonymized with Tanaopsis laticaudata by Lang, 1949, but this has not been accepted by others [details]