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Suárez-Morales, E. (2003). Three species of monstrilloids (Copepoda: Monstrilloida) from Banco Chinchorro, Mexican Caribbean Sea. Bull. Mar. Sci., 73 (1): 63–76.
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Plankton samples were collected at the oceanic atoll Banco Chinchorro, located in the westernmost part of the Caribbean Sea. Several specimens of monstrilloids were present in the samples. Based only on male specimens, two new species of Monstrilla are described according to the upgraded standards for the description of monstrilloids. A new,illustrated record and a complementary description is given for the male of Cymbasoma quintanarooense Suárez-Morales, not previously recorded in Banco Chinchorro. The first new species, Monstrilla marioi n.sp. is easily distinguishable for having a pair of coarsely rugose genital lappets with a terminal seta at the tip of each lappet. The other species of Monstrilla (Monstrilla globosa n.sp.) can be separated by the unique structure of its genital apparatus, ending in a pair of spherical structures not described before; it also has a peculiar pair of reduced fifth leg lobes not previously reported. These are the first records of Monstrilloida in Banco Chinchorro.
Caribbean region
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