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Holzmann, M., Kaminski, M.,Filipescu, S., Pawlowski, J. 2012. A molecular comparison of Entzia tetrastomella and Jadammina macrescens. Abstract in Alegret, Ortiz & Kaminski (eds.), 2012. Ninth International Workshop on Agglutinated Foraminifera, Abstract Volume. p.42
The genus Entzia has first been described from Transylvanian salt marshes more than 120 years ago (Daday, 1884). The only species contained in this genus, Entzia tetrastomella resembles the agglutinated foraminifer Jadammina macrescens (Brady). Loeblich and Tappan (1987) recognized Entzia as a valid genus, close to Jadammina. Based on recent morphological investigations of Entzia sampled from Romanian salt marshes in Turda by Filipescu and Kaminski (2011), the genus Entzia has been regarded as the senior synonym of Jadammina. A molecular investigation of Entzia based on partial SSU rDNA sequences reveals that specimens of Entzia are genetically more or less identical to Jadammina macrescens sampled from Dovey Estuary. Our molecular results therefore confirm previous morphological investigations, suggesting synonymy of the two genera.
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