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Aguilar-Camacho, J.M.; Carballo, J.L. 2013. Raspailiidae (Porifera: Demospongiae: Axinellida) from the Mexican Pacific Ocean with the description of seven new species. Journal of Natural History, 47: 1663-1706
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The taxonomy of the family Raspailiidae has always been controversial. The family was first included in the order Poecilosclerida. It was then allocated to the order Axinellida and later moved back to Poecilosclerida. Currently with the development of molecular tools it has been assigned to the order Axinellida. In this contribution we describe 10 species from the Mexican Pacific Ocean. Seven of them are new to science: Raspailia (Parasyringella) rubra sp. nov., Raspailia (Raspaxilla) hymani (Dickinson 1945), Raspailia (Raspaxilla) hyle (de Laubenfels 1930), Aulospongus cerebella (Dickinson 1945), Aulospongus californianus sp. nov., Aulospongus aurantiacus sp. nov., Eurypon patriciae sp. nov., Eurypon tylospinosum sp. nov., Eurypon diversicolor sp. nov. and Eurypon brunus sp. nov. We discuss the genus Eurypon and include a table for all the species described worldwide with some comments about this genus.
Pacific, East Tropical
Systematics, Taxonomy
2013-08-27 12:40:03Z
2013-09-23 12:28:34Z

Holotype MNCN 1.01/655, geounit Cortezian, identified as Raspailia (Parasyringella) rubra Aguilar-Camacho & Carballo, 2013
Holotype MNCN 1.01/656, geounit Cortezian, identified as Aulospongus californianus Aguilar-Camacho & Carballo, 2013
Holotype MNCN 1.01/657, geounit Cortezian, identified as Aulospongus aurantiacus Aguilar-Camacho & Carballo, 2013
Holotype MNCN 1.01/658, geounit Cortezian, identified as Eurypon patriciae Aguilar-Camacho & Carballo, 2013
Holotype MNCN 1.01/659, geounit Cortezian, identified as Eurypon tylospinosum Aguilar-Camacho & Carballo, 2013
Holotype MNCN 1.01/660, geounit Mexican Tropical Pacific, identified as Eurypon diversicolor Aguilar-Camacho & Carballo, 2013
Holotype MNCN 1.01/661, geounit Cortezian, identified as Eurypon brunum Aguilar-Camacho & Carballo, 2013