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NameLocke JM, Bilewitch JP and Coates KA. 2013. Scleractinia, Octocorallia and Antipatharia of Bermuda’s reefs and deep-water coral communities: a taxonomic perspective including new records. In: Sheppard C (ed.) Coral Reefs of the World Vol. 4. Coral Reefs of the UK Overseas Territories.
Type Publication
Bermuda for Antipathes atlantica Gray, 1857
Bermuda for Bebryce parastellata Deichmann, 1936
Bermuda for Callogorgia gracilis (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1857)
Bermuda for Callogorgia verticillata (Pallas, 1766)
Bermuda for Candidella imbricata (Johnson, 1862)
Bermuda for Chelidonisis aurantiaca Studer, 1890
Bermuda for Chrysogorgia fewkesii Verrill, 1883
Bermuda for Cupressopathes gracilis (Thomson & Simpson, 1905)
Bermuda for Deltocyathoides stimpsonii (Pourtalès, 1871)
Bermuda for Ellisella atlantica (Toeplitz, 1910)
Bermuda for Eunicea knighti Bayer, 1961
Bermuda for Eunicea pinta Bayer & Deichmann, 1958
Bermuda for Gersemia rubiformis (Ehrenberg, 1834)
Bermuda for Gorgonia ventalina Linnaeus, 1758
Bermuda for Javania cailleti (Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864)
Bermuda for Keratoisis flexibilis (Pourtalès, 1868)
Bermuda for Lepidisis caryophyllia Verrill, 1883
Bermuda for Lepidisis simplex (Verrill, 1883)
Bermuda for Lytreia plana (Deichmann, 1936)
Bermuda for Montastraea franksi (Gregory, 1895)
Bermuda for Muricea elongata Lamouroux, 1821
Bermuda for Muricea pinnata Bayer, 1961
Bermuda for Muriceides kükenthali (Broch, 1912)
Bermuda for Narella bellissima (Kükenthal, 1915)
Bermuda for Nicella gracilis Cairns, 2007
Bermuda for Parantipathes tetrasticha (Pourtalès, 1868)
Bermuda for Placogorgia tenuis (Verrill, 1883)
Bermuda for Plexaurella grisea Kunze, 1916
Bermuda for Polymyces wellsi Cairns, 1991
Bermuda for Scleracis guadalupensis (Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1860)
Bermuda for Scleracis petrosa Deichmann, 1936
Bermuda for Stenocyathus vermiformis (Pourtalès, 1868)
Bermuda for Stichopathes spiessi Opresko & Genin, 1990  (doubtful)
Bermuda for Tanacetipathes thamnea (Warner, 1981)
Bermuda for Telestula septentrionalis Madsen, 1944
Bermuda for Thelogorgia vossi Bayer, 1991
Bermuda for Thesea citrina Deichmann, 1936
Bermuda for Thouarella (Euthouarella) grasshoffi Cairns, 2006
Bermudian Exclusive Economic Zone for Tethocyathus cylindraceus (Pourtalès, 1868)
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