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Opresko D.M. 2004.Revision of the Antipatharia (Cnidaria: Anthozoa). Part IV. Establishment of a new family, Aphanipathidae.Zool. Med. Leiden 78 (11): 209-240
Opresko, D. M.
of the Antipatharia (Cnidaria: Anthozoa). Part IV. Establishment of a new family
Aphanipathidae.Zool. Med. Leiden
78(11): 209-240
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Acanthopathes Opresko, 2004 (original description)
Acanthopathes hancocki (Cooper, 1909) (new combination reference)
Acanthopathes humilis (Pourtalès, 1867) (new combination reference)
Acanthopathes somervillei (Cooper, 1909) (new combination reference)
Acanthopathes thyoides (Pourtalès, 1880) (new combination reference)
Acanthopathes undulata (van Pesch, 1914) (new combination reference)
Antipathes plantagenista (Cooper, 1903) (source of synonymy)
Aphanipathes fruticosa (Gray, 1857) accepted as Antipathes fruticosa Gray, 1857 (source of synonymy)
Aphanipathes pedata (Gray, 1857) (new combination reference)
Aphanipathes salix (Pourtalès, 1880) (source of synonymy)
Aphanipathes verticillata Brook, 1889 (taxonomy source)
Asteriopathes Opresko, 2004 (original description)
Asteriopathes arachniformis Opresko, 2004 (original description)
Asteriopathes colini Opresko, 2004 (original description)
Distichopathes Opresko, 2004 (original description)
Distichopathes disticha Opresko, 2004 (original description)
Distichopathes filix (Pourtalès, 1867) (new combination reference)
Elatopathes abietina (Pourtalès, 1874) (new combination reference)
Phanopathes cancellata (Brook, 1889) (new combination reference)
Phanopathes expansa (Opresko & Cairns, 1992) (source of synonymy)
Phanopathes rigida (Pourtalès, 1880) (source of synonymy)
Pteridopathes Opresko, 2004 (original description)
Pteridopathes pinnata Opresko, 2004 (original description)
Pteridopathes tanycrada Opresko, 2004 (original description)
Rhipidipathes Milne Edwards & Haime, 1857 (redescription)
Rhipidipathes colombiana (Opresko & Sánchez, 1997) (new combination reference)
Rhipidipathes reticulata (Esper, 1795) (new combination reference)
Rhipidopathes accepted as Rhipidipathes Milne Edwards & Haime, 1857 (basis of record)
Tetrapathes Opresko, 2004 (original description)
Tetrapathes alata (Brook, 1889) (new combination reference)