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Uz, Silvia de la, Nuria Anadón & Frank B. Crandall (2010): Redescription of Valdivianemertes valdiviae (Bürger, ) (Nemertea: Hoplonemertea: Cratenemertidae) and designation of neotype, Journal of Natural History, 44:37-40, 2425-2451
A century ago Bürger described the species Drepanophorus valdiviae from a single specimen taken from 155 m off the southern tip of Africa by the research vessel Valdivia during the German Deep Sea Expedition. Stiasny-Wijnhoff in 1923 transferred this species along with Amphiporus stannii (sensu Bürger 1895) to a new genus Valdivianemertes but did not mention a family af?liation. In 1993 Crandall transferred this genus to the family Cratenemertidae. During the Spanish Antarctic Expedition BENTART 2003, carried out on board the RV Hespérides, we found one specimen identi?ed with certainty as Valdivianemertes valdiviae, at 602 m depth in the Bellingshausen Sea (Antarctica). As there is no extant holotype, we here redescribe this species from this new specimen and designate it the neotype of this species; photomicrographs of the different regions of the body and the proboscis structure are provided for the ?rst time.
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