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Sikorski, A. V. 2011. Review of Laonice (Spionidae, Annelida) with remarks on several species and a description of a new species from South Africa. Italian Journal of Zoology 78(Supplement 1): 201-214
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All 36 known species names belonging to the genus Laonice (including 29 names of valid species) are reviewed. The review was based on the examination of type-specimens for 24 species names. The morphological characters used for taxonomic work on this genus are given in tabular form for all the Laonice species known, some of which are presented for the first time or corrected following the examination of type and non-type material. Refinements to the descriptions and remarks on several species are made. A lectotype is erected for Laonice cirrata. Aricidea alata, L. aperata and L. petersenae are synonymized with L. brevicornis. Two subspecies (L. cirrata postcirrata and L. cirrata praecirrata) are referred to species status and one new species, L. antipoda sp. nov., is described from South Africa. [Proceedings of the 10th International Polychaete Conference (20-26 June 2010, Lecce, Italy) ]
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