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Riedel, A., C. Michel, M. Poulin and S. Lessard. 2003. Taxonomy and Abundance of Microalgae and Protists at a First-Year Sea Ice Station near Resolute Bay, Nunavut, Spring to Early Summer 2001. Can. Data Rep. Hydrogr. Ocean Sci. 159: vi + 53 p.
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McDougall Sound for Acanthocorbis apoda (Leadbeater) Hara & Takahashi, 1984 
McDougall Sound for Amphidinium crassum Lohmann, 1908 
McDougall Sound for Amphidinium sphenoides WüIff, 1916 
McDougall Sound for Amphidoma acuminata Stein, 1883 
McDougall Sound for Amphora laevis var. laevissima (Greg.) Cleve, 1896 
McDougall Sound for Apedinella spinifera (Throndsen) Throndsen, 1971 
McDougall Sound for Attheya septentrionalis (Østrup) R.M.Crawford, 1994 
McDougall Sound for Chaetoceros compressus Lauder, 1864 
McDougall Sound for Chaetoceros furcellatus Yendo, 1911 
McDougall Sound for Chaetoceros socialis H.S.Lauder, 1864 
McDougall Sound for Chaetoceros tenuissimus Meunier, 1913 
McDougall Sound for Chrysochromulina spinifera (Fournier) Pienaar & R.E.Norris, 1979 
McDougall Sound for Commation cryoporinum Thomsen & Larsen, 1993 
McDougall Sound for Coscinodiscus granii Gough, 1905 
McDougall Sound for Cylindrotheca closterium (Ehrenberg) Reimann & J.C.Lewin, 1964 
McDougall Sound for Dicroerisma psilonereiella F.J.R.Taylor & S.A.Cattell, 1969 
McDougall Sound for Dictyocha speculum Ehrenberg, 1839 
McDougall Sound for Dinematomonas litorale (Skuja) Silva, 1960 
McDougall Sound for Dinobryon faculiferum (Willén) Willén, 1992 
McDougall Sound for Diploneis littoralis var. arctica 
McDougall Sound for Diploneis littoralis var. clathrata (Ostr.) Cleve, 1896 
McDougall Sound for Entomoneis kjellmanii (Cleve) Poulin & Cardinal, 1983 
McDougall Sound for Entomoneis paludosa var. hyperborea (Grunow) Poulin & Cardinal, 1983 
McDougall Sound for Ephemera planamembranacea (Hendey) Paddock, 1988 
McDougall Sound for Fragilaria striatula Lyngbye, 1819 
McDougall Sound for Fragilariopsis cylindrus (Grunow) Krieger, 1954 
McDougall Sound for Fragilariopsis oceanica (Cleve) Hasle, 1965 
McDougall Sound for Gymnodinium galeatum J.Larsen, 1994 
McDougall Sound for Gyrodinium flagellare Schiller, 1928 
McDougall Sound for Gyrodinium formosum P.H.Campbell, 1973 
McDougall Sound for Gyrodinium pepo (Schütt) Kofoid & Swezy, 1921 
McDougall Sound for Gyrosigma concilians (Cleve) Okolodkov, 1989 
McDougall Sound for Gyrosigma diaphanum Cleve, 1894 
McDougall Sound for Gyrosigma hudsonii Poulin & Cardinal, 1982 
McDougall Sound for Gyrosigma tenuissimum var. hyperborea (Grunow in Cleve & Grunow) Cleve; Poulin & Cardinal 
McDougall Sound for Hantzschia weyprechtii Grunow, 1880 
McDougall Sound for Haslea crucigeroides (Hustedt) Simonsen, 1974 
McDougall Sound for Haslea kjellmanii (Cleve) Simonsen 
McDougall Sound for Haslea vitrea (Cleve) Simonsen, 1974 
McDougall Sound for Heterocapsa arctica Horiguchi, 1997 
McDougall Sound for Katodinium glaucum (Lebour) Loeblich III, 1965 
McDougall Sound for Leucocryptos marina (Braarud) Butcher, 1967 
McDougall Sound for Lohmanniella oviformis Leegaard, 1915 
McDougall Sound for Melosira arctica Dickie, 1852 
McDougall Sound for Mesodinium rubrum (Lohmann, 1908) 
McDougall Sound for Meuniera membranacea (Cleve) P.C.Silva, 1996 
McDougall Sound for Monosiga marina Grøntved, 1952 
McDougall Sound for Navicula algida Grunow, 1884 
McDougall Sound for Navicula directa (W.Smith) Ralfs, 1861 
McDougall Sound for Navicula gelida Grunow, 1884 
McDougall Sound for Navicula granii (Jørgensen) Gran, 1908 
McDougall Sound for Navicula impexa Hustedt, 1961 
McDougall Sound for Navicula pelagica Cleve, 1896 
McDougall Sound for Navicula pellucidula Hustedt 
McDougall Sound for Navicula retrocurvata J.R.Carter ex R.Ross & P.A.Sims, 1978 
McDougall Sound for Navicula septentrionalis (Grunow) Gran, 1908 
McDougall Sound for Navicula superba Cleve 
McDougall Sound for Navicula trigonocephala (Cleve) M.Peragallo, 1903 
McDougall Sound for Navicula trigonocephala var. depressa Østrup, 1895 
McDougall Sound for Navicula vanhoeffenii Gran, 1897 
McDougall Sound for Nitzschia brebissonii var. borealis Cleve 
McDougall Sound for Nitzschia frigida Grunow, 1880 
McDougall Sound for Nitzschia gelida var. manitounukensis Poulin & Cardinal, 1983 
McDougall Sound for Nitzschia hudsonii Poulin & Cardinal, 1983 
McDougall Sound for Nitzschia lanceolata var. pygmaea P. Cleve, 1896 
McDougall Sound for Nitzschia longissima (Brébisson) Ralfs, 1861 
McDougall Sound for Nitzschia longissima (Brébisson) Ralfs, 1861 
McDougall Sound for Nitzschia paradoxa var. tumidula Grunow, 1880 
McDougall Sound for Nitzschia promare Medlin, 1990 
McDougall Sound for Nitzschia scabra Cleve, 1883 
McDougall Sound for Parvicorbicula socialis (Meunier) Deflandre, 1960 
McDougall Sound for Pauliella taeniata (Grunow) F.E.Round & P.W.Basson, 1997 
McDougall Sound for Peridiniella danica (Paulsen) Y.B.Okolodkov & J.D.Dodge, 1995 
McDougall Sound for Pinnularia quadratarea var. bicontracta (Østrup) Gran, 1900 
McDougall Sound for Pinnularia quadratarea var. constricta (Østrup) Heiden, 1874 
McDougall Sound for Pinnularia semiinflata (E.V.Østrup) H.H.Gran 
McDougall Sound for Plagioselmis prolonga Butcher ex G.Novarino, I.A.N.Lucas & S.Morrall, 1994 
McDougall Sound for Pleurosigma siberica (Grunow) Cardinal, Poulin & Berard-Therriault, 1980 
McDougall Sound for Pleurosigma stuxbergii Cleve & Grunow, 1880 
McDougall Sound for Pleurosigma stuxbergii var. rhomboides (Cleve in Cleve & Grunow) Cleve 
McDougall Sound for Pronoctiluca pelagica Fabre-Domergue, 1889 
McDougall Sound for Protoperidinium bipes (Paulsen, 1904) Balech, 1974 
McDougall Sound for Protoperidinium brevipes (Paulsen, 1908) Balech, 1974 
McDougall Sound for Protoperidinium granii (Ostenfeld) Balech, 1974 
McDougall Sound for Protoperidinium mite (Pavillard, 1916) Balech, 1974 
McDougall Sound for Pseudogomphonema arcticum (Grunow) L.K.Medlin, 1986 
McDougall Sound for Pseudogomphonema groenlandicum (Østrup) L.K.Medlin, 1986 
McDougall Sound for Pseudogomphonema septentrionale (Østrup) L.K.Medlin, 1986 
McDougall Sound for Scrippsiella trochoidea (Stein) Loeblich III, 1976 
McDougall Sound for Stenoneis inconspicua var. baculus (Cleve) Cleve, 1894 
McDougall Sound for Synedropsis hyperborea (Grunow) G.R.Hasle, L.K.Medlin & E.E.Syvertsen, 1994 
McDougall Sound for Teleaulax acuta (Butcher) D.R.A.Hill, 1991 
McDougall Sound for Teleaulax amphioxeia (W.Conrad) D.R.A.Hill, 1992 
McDougall Sound for Telonema subtile Greissmann, 1913 
McDougall Sound for Thalassiosira antarctica var. borealis G.Fryxell, Doucette & Hubbard, 1981 
McDougall Sound for Thalassiosira nordenskioeldii Cleve, 1873 
McDougall Sound for Torodinium robustum Kofoid & Swezy, 1921