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Langer, M. R. (1992). New Recent foraminiferal genera and species from the lagoon at Madang, Papua New Guinea. Journal of Micropalaeontology. 11(1): 85-93.
10.1144/jm.11.1.85 [view]
Langer, M. R.
New Recent foraminiferal genera and species from the lagoon at Madang, Papua New Guinea
Journal of Micropalaeontology
11(1): 85-93
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Two new genera and eight new species of benthic foraminifera are described from the shallow water, tropical lagoon of Madang, Papua New Guinea. The new hauerinid genus Pseudolachlanella is characterized by juvenile cryptoquinqueloculine, adult almost massiline arranged chambers, and a slitlike, curved aperture with parallel sides and a long, slender, curved miliolid tooth. Pitella haigi n. gen., n. sp. is a new foraminifera with cryptoquinqueloculine arranged chambers, an almost entirely pitted shell surface (pseudopores) and a rounded aperture with a short simple tooth. Among the other species described as new are four hauerinids and two agglutinated foraminifera All new species described here occur sporadically in the shallow water back- and forereef environments of the lagoon (0–55m), and live infaunally and epifaunally in well-oxygenated, fine and coarse grained biogenic sediments. They are absent in muddy, organic-rich, low-oxygen sedimentary environments within bay inlets where variations of salinity are considerable.
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Cycloforina collinsi Langer, 1992 (original description)
Massilinoides baccaerti Langer, 1992 (original description)
Pitella Langer, 1992 (original description)
Pitella haigi Langer, 1992 (original description)
Pseudolachlanella Langer, 1992 (original description)
Pseudolachlanella slitella Langer, 1992 (original description)
Quinqueloculina debenayi Langer, 1992 (original description)
Quinqueloculina stellicarinata Langer, 1992 (original description)
Sahulia lutzei Langer, 1992 (original description)
Spiroplectinella hottingeri Langer, 1992 (original description)
Papua New Guinea for Cycloforina collinsi Langer, 1992 
Papua New Guinea for Massilinoides baccaerti Langer, 1992 
Papua New Guinea for Pitella haigi Langer, 1992 
Papua New Guinea for Pseudolachlanella slitella Langer, 1992 
Papua New Guinea for Quinqueloculina debenayi Langer, 1992 
Papua New Guinea for Quinqueloculina stellicarinata Langer, 1992 
Papua New Guinea for Sahulia lutzei Langer, 1992 
Papua New Guinea for Spiroplectinella hottingeri Langer, 1992