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Barnard, K.H. (1946). Descriptions of new species of South African decapod Crustacea, with notes on synonymy and new records. The Annals and Magazine of Natural History, ser. 11. 13: 361-392.
Barnard, K.H.
Descriptions of new species of South African decapod Crustacea, with notes on synonymy and new records
The Annals and Magazine of Natural History, ser. 11
13: 361-392
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Alpheus luciae Barnard, 1946 accepted as Alpheus sulcatus Kingsley, 1878 (original description)
Anapagurus hendersoni Barnard, 1946 (original description)
Betaeus jucundus Barnard, 1946 (original description)
Callianassa gilchristi Barnard, 1946 accepted as Balsscallichirus gilchristi (Barnard, 1946) (original description)
Callianassa natalensis Barnard, 1946 accepted as Neocallichirus natalensis (Barnard, 1946) (original description)
Callichirus gilchristi (Barnard, 1947) (original description)
Cryptodromiopsis lepidota Barnard, 1946 accepted as Dromidia lepidota (Barnard, 1946) (original description)
Dehaanius undulatus Barnard, 1946 accepted as Acanthonyx undulatus (Barnard, 1946) (original description)
Dromidia aegibotus Barnard, 1946 (original description)
Dromidia dissothrix Barnard, 1946 (original description)
Dromidiopsis cornuta Barnard, 1946 accepted as Dromidia cornuta (Barnard, 1946) (original description)
Eudromidia Barnard, 1946 (original description)
Heteronucia angulata Barnard, 1946 (original description)
Hexapus stebbingi Barnard, 1946 accepted as Tritoplax stebbingi (Barnard, 1946) (original description)
Lybia plumosa Barnard, 1946 (original description)
Neolithodes asperrimus Barnard, 1946 (original description)
Ogyrides saldanhae Barnard, 1946 (original description)
Paguristes engyops Barnard, 1946 accepted as Areopaguristes engyops (Barnard, 1946) (original description)
Paguristes rosaceus Barnard, 1946 accepted as Paguristes gamianus (H. Milne Edwards, 1836) (original description)
Plesiopenaeus nitidus Barnard, 1946 accepted as Austropenaeus nitidus (Barnard, 1946) (original description)
Portumnus mcleayi Barnard, 1946 accepted as Xaiva mcleayi (Barnard, 1946) (original description)
Processa austroafricana Barnard, 1946 (original description)
Pylopagurus liochele Barnard, 1946 accepted as Pagurus liochele (Barnard, 1946) (original description)
Rhynchoplax bovis Barnard, 1946 accepted as Neorhynchoplax bovis (Barnard, 1946) (original description)
Sergestes talismani Barnard, 1946 accepted as Challengerosergia talismani (Barnard, 1946) (original description)
Solenocera algoensis Barnard, 1946 (original description)
Speodromia Barnard, 1946 (original description)
Spirontocaris saldanhae Barnard, 1946 accepted as Lebbeus saldanhae (Barnard, 1946) (original description)
Thelxiope (Moloha) Barnard, 1946 accepted as Moloha Barnard, 1946 (original description)
Upogebia assisi Barnard, 1946 (original description)
Holotype SAMC A8339, verbatimGeounit South Africa, Natal ..., identified as Callianassa natalensis Barnard, 1946
Holotype RMNH D42203, verbatimGeounit South africa, St. Fr..., identified as Upogebia assisi Barnard, 1946