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Licciano, M.; Giangrande, A. 2008. The genus Branchiomma (Polychaeta : Sabellidae) in the Mediterranean Sea, with the description of B. maerli n. sp. Scientia Marina 72(2): 383-391
The genus Branchiomma (Annelida: Polychaeta: Sabellinae) from the Mediterranean Sea is revised based on material collected during several surveys and preserved in the Zoological Laboratory of Lecce University (South Italy). Branchiomma maerli n. sp. is described as a new species and compared with the previously reported B. bombyx, B. lucullanum, B. luctuosum, and B. cf. moebii. Branchiomma maerli n. sp. resembles B. lucullanum, but differs in the shape of the collar and in the length of the dorsal lips. Branchiomma boholensis, reported as the only Mediterranean species with macrostylodes, is not here described because it has not been possible to obtain adequate material. Finally, Branchiomma sp. (similar to B. violaceum, but having the dorsal collar fused to the faecal groove) is not formally described as a new species because there is only one available specimen.
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