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Hooper, J.N.A., Sutcliffe, P. & Schlacher-Hoenlinger, M.A. 2008. New species of Raspailiidae (Porifera: Demospongiae: Poecilosclerida) from southeast Queensland. In, Davie,P.J.F. & Phillips, J.A. (Eds), Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Marine Biological Workshop,The Marine Fauna and Flora of Moreton Bay, Queensland. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum — Nature 54(1): 1–22.
Extensive surveys of the marine benthos throughout tropical Australasia over the past two decades have revealed a large number of sponge species, most of which appear to be new to science. Even in the comparatively well-known Moreton Bay region, we discovered four new species belonging to three genera of the family Raspailiidae, and also increased the number of known species living in this area from three to eleven, in some cases greatly increasing their known distributional range. Other new extralimital records of these species are provided,as is a revised checklist of the Australian raspailiid fauna. Keywords: Porifera,Demospongiae,Poecilosclerida, Microcionina, Raspailiidae, Raspailia, Aulospongus, Ceratopsion, Sollasella,Echinodictyum, new species, taxonomy, species check list, Moreton Bay, Queensland.
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