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Garrett, A. (1873). Descriptions of new species of marine shells inhabiting the South Sea islands. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. 25: 209-231, plates 2-3.
Garrett, A.
Descriptions of new species of marine shells inhabiting the South Sea islands
Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
25: 209-231, plates 2-3
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Cheletropis crenilabris Garrett, 1873 (original description)
Cithara abbreviata Garrett, 1873 accepted as Eucithara abbreviata (Garrett, 1873) (original description)
Clathurella punctifera Garrett, 1873 accepted as Kermia punctifera (Garrett, 1873) (original description)
Rissoina affinis Garrett, 1873 accepted as Zebinella tenuistriata (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Rissoina costatogranosa Garrett, 1873 (original description)
Rissoina debilis Garrett, 1873 (original description)
Rissoina gracilis Garrett, 1873 (original description)
Rissoina horrida Garrett, 1873 accepted as Costabieta horrida (Garrett, 1873) (original description)
Rissoina millecostata Garrett, 1873 (original description)
Rissoina oryza Garrett, 1873 accepted as Zebina oryza (Garrett, 1873) (original description)
Rissoina scaba Garrett, 1873 accepted as Phosinella scaba (Garrett, 1873) (original description)
Rissoina sculptilis Garrett, 1873 (original description)
Rissoina supracostata Garrett, 1873 accepted as Rissoina artensis Montrouzier in Souverbie & Montrouzier, 1872 accepted as Moerchiella artensis (Montrouzier in Souverbie & Montrouzier, 1872) (original description)
Rissoina terebra Garrett, 1873 (original description)
Rissoina turrita Garrett, 1873 accepted as Tomlinella insignis (A. Adams & Reeve, 1850) (original description)
Vitrinella caelata Garrett, 1873 accepted as Pseudoliotia caelata (Garrett, 1873) (original description)
Zebina oryza (Garrett, 1873) (original description)
Zebinella affinis (Garrett, 1873) accepted as Zebinella tenuistriata (Pease, 1868) (basis of record)