Key to the adult species of Dracognomus

This identification key for the genus Dracognomus should serve as a help in the difficult process of identifying members of this genus. The key is based upon literature sources and the experience of several Nematologists from the Marine biology Section Ugent. Note that the key is an evolving tool.
Using the key still requires a basic skill in the field of nematology. Results should always be checked with the species-descriptions and illustrations available in the database.
Key created by Maaike Steyaert

Please refer to this identification key as Steyaert, M.; Deprez, T.; Raes, M.; Bezerra, T.; Demesel, I.; Derycke, S.; Desmet, G.; Fonceca, G.; de Assunção Franco, M.; Gheskiere, T.; Hoste, E.; Ingels, J.; Moens, T.; Vanaverbeke, J.; Van Gaever, S.; Vanhove, S.; Vanreusel, A.; Verschelde, D.; Vincx M. 2005. Electronic Key to the free-living marine Nematodes. World Wide Web electronic publication. 09/2005

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