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Amphipoda taxon details

Amphilochus castroviejoi Ortiz & Lalana, 2002

488397  (

marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
Type locality contained in Isla de Coiba  
type locality contained in Isla de Coiba [details]
Depth range Littoral (0 to 30 m).  
Depth range Littoral (0 to 30 m). [details]
Horton, T.; Lowry, J.; De Broyer, C.; Bellan-Santini, D.; Coleman, C. O.; Corbari, L.; Costello, M. J.; Daneliya, M.; Dauvin, J-C.; Fišer, C.; Gasca, R.; Grabowski, M.; Guerra-García, J. M.; Hendrycks, E.; Hughes, L.; Jaume, D.; Jazdzewski, K.; Kim, Y.-H.; King, R.; Krapp-Schickel, T.; LeCroy, S.; Lörz, A.-N.; Mamos, T.; Senna, A. R.; Serejo, C.; Sket, B.; Souza-Filho, J. F.; Tandberg, A.H.; Thomas, J.; Thurston, M.; Vader, W.; Väinölä, R.; Vonk, R.; White, K.; Zeidler, W. (2018). World Amphipoda Database. Amphilochus castroviejoi Ortiz & Lalana, 2002. Accessed at: on 2019-07-16
2010-07-05 06:58:54Z

original description  (of Amphilocus castroviejoi Ortiz & Lalana, 2002) Ortiz & Lalana. (2002). The amphipods (Crustacea, Amphipoda) of the Island of Coiba, in the Pacific Panama. Avicennia 15: 9-22. [details]   
 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 

From editor or global species database
Depth range Littoral (0 to 30 m). [details]

Habitat Marine, among dead coral. [details]

Type specimen Holotype female (with oostegites), 1.8 mm, CSIC.  [details]

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